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The Journey to Finding Success and Friendship (Guest Post)


Today’s Guest Post is by my friend Penny in Iowa. It’s only appropriate that it’s on Wine Wednesday. We met all because of wine…

Carrie and I “work together” as independent wine consultants for The Traveling Vineyard.  Our President, who prefers to be called our “Chief Grape Stomper and Head Cheerleader”, describes the 5 F’s of our business – Fun, Friendships, Fulfillment, Flexibility, and Financial Reward.  One of my favorite things about our business is the friendships you make along the way.  I count Carrie as one of my favorite people on the planet…and I met her because of this “gig”.

I remember hearing about Carrie.  She was the “go to gal” when you needed support or advice.  The one who provided information freely, who trained anyone wanting guidance, who followed all the rules, who had the right language to use, the one willing to give of her time to help someone else.  Always.  The Heart of the Company.

In the early days, Carrie and I grew our teams and our customer bases, and checked in with each other for support and encouragement.  We earned trips together, traveling to Puerto Vallarta, Tuscany, and the Napa Valley.  Over time and a mutual passion for wine, we got to know each other on a more personal level and shared in each other’s accomplishments, as well as the day-to-day frustrations…whether they were business objectives, fitness goals, or even recipes!

Through all of this, I’ve learned that it’s impossible to put a value on the personal friendships gained through a direct selling business.  Financial Reward is nice, but many of the accomplishments leading to those rewards is possible (or at least more probable) through support and encouragement by those who understand the business and each other.  Carrie and I share ideas, brainstorm solutions, hold each other accountable, and are “big fans” of each other.  How often do you find that kind of friendship at a corporate job?  In a lifetime?

Penny (left) with Joanne, Carrie and Debbie - forever friends all because of wine...

Penny Fitzgerald is a Director and Independent Wine Consultant with The Traveling Vineyard.  To learn more about Penny, visit www.myttv.com/winechick; or find her on facebook at www.facebook.com/TTVWineChick.