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Wineless Wednesday & Nha Sang


Today is a Wineless Wednesday. Boo-hoo.

I haven’t had wine in a while. In fact it’s been a whole week since I’ve been outside of my house! It’s difficult to be patient when all you want to do is be able to do the things you could before – like put my socks on by myself! 😉

Tuesday Food Journal

Yesterday was interesting. I know that I shouldn’t be eating as many calories as I am when I’m not moving much. I think planning my next meal keeps me out of boredom, but is also a little too obsessive. Today is a new day! I’ve been walking around a lot and getting up is much easier than it has been.



1 piece whole wheat toast with peanut butter and 10 choc chips – This is normally a nice little treat for me, but since I can’t just leave the house for work and forget about it, I let that PB and chocolate call my name all day long. A plus about working outside the home – not having time or the ability to grab “seconds” for breakfast.


Leftover Santa Fe Chicken on brown rice with a half of a 100-calorie pack Wholly Guacamole, sprinkle of cheese and dollop of Greek Yogurt.



2 Tbsp Honey Peanut Butter with 1 Tbsp Chocolate Chips

1 cup pineapple chunks

Raspberry Swirl Dove Dark Chocolate


My husband brought home takeout from Nha Sang. This is probably the fourth time we’ve ordered takeout from Nha Sang this year. We’ve loved everything we’ve ordered! I wouldn’t call it Chinese, because they have other Asian foods as well, but this place stands out as the best we’ve had. Get ye South of the River and try some!

Last night, Rob brought home the

  • Squash Dumpling (6)   $4.97

    Home made Dumpling. Filled with tossed Yellow Sweet Squash with green onions. Steamed first and stir fried with a garlic sauce. Love it!!

And love it, we did! There is so much flavor in these. We split them and each ate three. I wish I would have taken photos, but never take photos of takeout. Why? I have no idea!

For my meal, I ordered (not knowing Rob would order the other dumplings as appetizers):

  • Tibetan Traditions Momo (Dumpling)

    Tibetan dumpling, lean chopped beef, steamed momo served with House salad and spicy sauce.

While I’ve had Momo at another restaurant before, I was intrigued that this was listed in the Noodle Dish section. I was curious about the house salad and the fact that it was in a noodle/entree category. However, it came with the spicy sauce, but no salad. In my opinion, 8 dumplings with a side of sauce should be listed as an appetizer or a large side dish.

It’s okay, though. Five of these babies along with the squash dumplings filled me up. If you order these, try the dumplings by themselves before dipping them in the sauce. The meat mixture has incredible flavor. While the spicy sauce is excellent, it can mask the flavors of the momo themselves. I love the chewy texture of these dumplings.

*Don’t worry, next time we get Nha Sang take-out, I’ll take photos and we’ll review all the dishes we’ve had there. You can find healthy options as well. I’ve had spring rolls, soup and salad from this place with more flavor than you can imagine!


I finished off the rest of my Greek Yogurt with a scoop of Ficoco stirred in. The inspiration for this came from *this* Snack Girl idea.

We found this stuff over the holidays and Rob adores it on top of ice cream!


2 Tbsp Honey Peanut Butter with 1 Tbsp Chocolate ChipsYes, I did this for the second time in one day. And each time, my stomach didn’t feel so great about a half hour later. Note to self so that I don’t do it again!

South Beach Whipped Choc Almond Snack Bar

I’ve been craving baked goods. What’s up with this sugar thing lately? I’ve got plenty of fruit in the fridge! I’m testing myself today, so stay tuned tomorrow to find out how…

Do you have a favorite Asian dish you order every time?

Do you have a favorite Asian restaurant?

Is there an Asian dish you’d prefer to make at home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please share!


Post-Op Foods & Saga Hill Cooking Class


I’m putting together a grocery list of items I need to buy to have on hand after my surgery. They are warning me that the pain killers are going to have some side effects, in which plenty of fruits and vegetables should help do the trick. 😉 Also, since my husband does not cook, I want to have some easy, fast – meaning 5 minutes or less! – healthy go-to meals and snacks so he doesn’t bring me take-out every night. {Although it’ll be nice a couple of times!} I may be off of work for up to two weeks; but even if I’m not, I want some easy things to grab so that I don’t make any poor choices out of inconvenience. Planning ahead and taking out the guesswork, ya know?

I do know that I could do a few make-ahead meals, but with the pain I’ve been in, it just sounds exhausting at the end of the day. Even after sitting all day, my legs feel like they can’t take any more. I have been cooking a bit, but not enough to put that much effort into it.

Here is my list of meal and snack ideas and the corresponding list of groceries that I will need to shop for since they are not currently in my pantry:

Meals & Snacks

  • Egg Bagel Sandwiches {aka 90-second Breakfast Sandwich}
  • Lean Cuisine Frozen Entrees  – I always have a few of these in the freezer. I don’t eat them everyday, only when I’m in a pinch. My favorite? Salmon with Basil!
  • Chipotle Black Bean Burgers – Currently in my freezer. I can just pop them between a bagel thin and or smear on some guacamole.
  • Healthy Choice Country Vegetable Soup – I know that we are talking a lot of sodium here, but it’ll be an easy way to get in some needed veggies
  • Peanut Butter Toast
  • No Hassle Fruits – see grocery list below.
  • Magic Smoothie
  • Fiber One Brownies
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Hard-boiled eggs

Grocery List

  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • Clementines
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Carrots – cut and put in baggies or containers
  • Cucumbers – cut and put in baggies or containers
  • Bell Peppers – cut and put in baggies or containers
  • Hummus
  • Spinach
  • Eggs
  • Lean Cuisines
  • Healthy Choice Country Vegetable Soup
  • Wholly Guacamole or Avocado

To prep

  • Make sure dishes and ingredients are reachable from hip to chest level
  • Cut veggies
  • Hard Boil Eggs

That should be it! This also serves as a reminder if I find myself thinking that there is nothing to eat in the house. I can come back to this past to read about my available options!

But of course, Rob, I won’t mind a little takeout now and then, or even a little ice cream. 😉 I’m just trying not to go overboard while I’m immobile!


Food Journal for Thursday:


I was running late, so I made a 90-second Breakfast Sandwich to take in the car (not pictured because, uh, I was running late). But if you want to see a photo or learn how I heard about these, click here. Approximately 300 calories with blueberry bagel thin (sweet and savory sandwich!), one egg, and one ounce cheddar cheese.

At work – 2 cups of black coffee with a piece of Dove Dark Chocolate (the one with almonds). Isn’t this message appropriate right about now?




Salad with mixed greens, grape tomatoes, chopped carrots & celery, chopped almonds and avocado

I put the avocado in the container the night before and squeezed a bit a lime juice over it, but it still browned. It tasted fine, though. And that little jar is leftover from a Love with Food sample. Guess what I put in it? Leftover Balsamic Glaze from my Avocado-Bruschetta-Mozzarella Chicken dinner. I used it as my salad dressing!

Afternoon Snacks

Banana (not pictured).

Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Kind Bar courtesy of my February Foodie Penpal. 😉


Peanut Butter and Dark Choclate Kind Bar

Last night, I went to a Saga Hill Cooking Class with some friends. Knowing that we probably wouldn’t eat until later, I snacked again after work. I had an apple with some Biscoff Spread. Then I went to a small wedge of double cream brie. It could have turned into an all-out binge, but I stopped myself and called my mom instead.


When we arrived at cooking class, we poured ourselves some wine. I started with a glass of white, but it was too warm, so I switched to red. For $15, wine is unlimited for the evening. My friend Jen was driving and I could no longer be on meds before surgery, so I took full advantage! Actually, I was a little apprehensive on how I would hold out for the evening. By this time of night, I’m usually just wiped. Luckily, from where I was sitting at our table, I could sit on the stool or stand up whenever I needed to.

I lost count of my wine, but I think we concluded that I had five of their bar-sized glasses. This is equivalent to probably 2 and 1/2 to 3 glasses the size that I would have at home.

In the past three classes I’ve done at Saga Hill, we usually don’t eat until she’s done her explanation of what to expect and have cooked our first item. However, this time she served us little dishes of jambalaya right away!

Jambalaya with Smoked Sausage

Jambalaya with Smoked Sausage

This class was All About The Pig. I thought this would be a good one to give me some ideas and what else I could make for Rob. We learned about pre-packaged bacon versus pork belly. We cut the pork belly into lardons and sautéed them in a little oil. We then learned how to make scrambled eggs the correct way! You should not beat the crap out of thembut should be patient and guide them to ebb and flow in the pan. We finished the eggs with some chives and butter and served them with the bacon and toast:

Scrambled eggs with lardons and toast

Scrambled eggs with lardons and toast

I don’t know if I can ever eat packaged bacon again! Next up, we made our own sausage. Chef Marianne taught us that sausage is made of one-half pork belly and one-half the middle section of the pig (the loin). We each got some raw ground pork and were able to make our own sausage in a way that could easily be replicated at home. We were given ingredients such as thyme, fennel, cayenne, nutmeg, maple syrup, chedder, etc. and were told to be creative. My sausage included fennel, cheddar {like I would have done anything else!}, with a pinch of cayenne, and some salt and pepper. We rolled them in plastic wrap and poached them for four minutes in boiling water. While that was going on, we were served some pork carnitas on a small baked corn tortilla. (Not pictured, the wine must have kicked in at this point.) The carnitas had a great warmth of spice and were uber-flavorful. They were topped with some sour cream and cilantro.

After our sausages were poached, we browned them in a little bit of oil:

Medley of Sausages

Medley of Sausages!

Since there were six of us at our table, we cut each sausage into six pieces to try a little bit of each creation! Here is what my plate looked like:

Sausage bites with potatoes

Sausage bites with potatoes

To be honest – I loved all of them! Each sausage had a very distinct, unique flavor! And each time we tasted one, we could figure out who made it. It was a fun guessing game and a test of our taste buds.

Then we finished off with dessert – which had nothing to do with pork. We learned how to section/supreme citrus. We put Lynn at our table to work and they turned out beautifully!


One of the chefs gave her the wonderful compliment that in all of his years as a chef, he’s never seen in any kitchen a more beautifully sectioned/supremed selection of citrus!

We each had to make and flip our own crêpe. For some reason, this was a challenge for me. I could get it out of the pan, but not flipped over. One of mine landed on the floor. I guess I just don’t have that flick of the wrist! The citrus {lemon, clementine and grapefruit} ended up in the pan with some sugar and after reducing, some brandy was added to flambée the mixture. We topped our crêpes with the sweetened and flambéed citrus, folded them up and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Thurs-Citrus Crepe

Overall, it wasn’t a low-calorie day. However, I’m glad that our portion sizes were small enough at the cooking class that we didn’t get overly stuffed. And it was still enough to feel like you’d had a good meal!

When I got home, I started to eat a double cheeseburger because Rob had brought home an extra and I didn’t want it to go to waste. WHAT?! What kind of thinking is that? I had already had plenty of food. Lesson learned. I have to eliminate that kind of thinking.


What easy, fast, healthy ingredients, snacks and meals would you add to my post-op lists above?