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Grapefruit + Tequila = Summer


I’ve just discovered one of the most refreshing cocktail combinations that I’m going to declare as my Summer 2014 cocktail of choice!

Grapefruit + Tequila

Why have I never thought of this before?

After I earned an all-expense-paid trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico through The Traveling Vineyard, I came back swearing I’d never drink a margarita again. But I still love tequila. And after a tequila tasting there, I found what my true preferences are. So occasionally, I’ll have an Añejo on the rocks with a splash of cointreau and squeeze of lime.

That was until we visited Boneyard Kitchen and Bar {Restaurant Impression to come!}, a newer restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis which is housed in the old Old Chicago space. I don’t know why, but my eyes were immediately drawn to this drink:

PALOMA – cabrito tequila, grapefruit soda, fresh lime

I failed to take a photo; but it was one of the most refreshing drinks of my life. They used Cabrito Tequila, which I hadn’t had before. I’m sure it’s a good value one; but what is more important is that it is 100% de agave. It was excellent in this mix. And I was soooo thankful that they did not use Jose Cuervo Gold!

Tequila Tip: When buying a tequila, look for 100% de agave on the label. Jose Cuervo Gold is 51% agave, 49% carmelized sugar. What a rip off!

The other great thing about this recipe is that it is sooooo quick and easy!



  • ice
  • 2 oz tequila (reposado)
  • 1/2 ounce lime juice
  • pinch salt
  • grapefruit soda (approx 6 oz) – {We prefer San Pe, but you can also use Jarritos, Squirt or a some grapefruit juice mixed with lemon-lime soda}


  • Combine tequila, lime juice and a pinch of salt in a glass.
  • Add ice.
  • Top with grapefruit soda.
  • Stir.
  • Garnish with lime or grapefruit wedge if desired.


Then, a week or two later, I discovered this beauty at Vivo Kitchen:

Pomelo Margarita - sauza blanco tequla, fresh grapefruit, st. germain, agave

Pomelo Margarita – sauza blanco tequila, fresh grapefruit, st. germain, agave

Okay, so I didn’t think to share it with you until it was half gone. Sorry. Because of the addition of St. Germain and fresh grapefruit, it tasted different than the Paloma. But it was just as refreshing. I loved it.

You can do a search online for Pomelo Margarita recipe. Note: A pomelo is similar to a grapefruit – maybe a bit sweeter. But as Vivo did, you can substitute grapefruit if you don’t have access to a pomelo or pomelo juice.

How did I not discover grapefruit and tequila until now?!


Now it’s time for:




  • MondayGrilled Kielbasa with Sauerkraut  – Do you have any good ways to season sauerkraut? I am not making mine from scratch. My cousin canned some and gave some to me!
  • Tuesday – Painting Night! I have been going through withdrawal. It’s been a while! We will be dining at the Med Cruise Cafe before pulling out our brushes.
  • Wednesday Pork Chops with Roasted Vegetables and Best Oven Fries
  • Thursday – Leftovers
  • Friday – TBD
  • Saturday – Happy Fun Day Saturday! We are joining some friends at the NE Social and Dangerous Man Brewing (Beard, optional.)
  • Sunday – Brunch in the am, dinner TBD.




  • Monday – 2-mile run
  • Tuesday cross train/yoga
  • Wednesday – 1.5-mile race-pace run
  • Thursday – cross train/yoga
  • Friday – REST
  • Saturday –2.5-mile run
  • Sunday – Walk

What is your favorite cocktail this summer?

What is your favorite grapefruit cocktail?