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Lakeville Brewing Company


Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Last Friday, my husband had a surprise for me! He was taking me to the opening of the Lakeville Brewing Company, in of course, Lakeville, Minnesota.


I didn’t know where we were going until we arrived. It was their opening day! There’s a nice-sized fenced in area with room for picnic tables and games. It’s dog-friendly, too! The inside was packed, but we lucked out with two seats at the bar.

LBC is a brewpub, too, so we considered having dinner there as well:


We were intrigued by the Reuben Nachos. What would you order from this menu?


To be honest, though, we decided not to dine. We don’t usually go to a new brewery nor restaurant when they first open because we know that there are always kinks to be worked out. So we can’t attest to the food.

Not only do they have food, but they are also a full-scale bar with wine and cocktails!


Did you notice they have Tom Gore Cabernet Sauvignon on the menu? I’ve been picking up a bottle of that whenever I see a $2 rebate on ibotta. But now, ibotta even offers a $2 rebate whenever you order a glass of Tom Gore Cab at any bar or any restaurant!

But what about the beer?!


Well, we can’t attest to that either. I wanted to try their Milk Stout, which was not available. {Did they print their menus too soon!?} And Rob wanted to the try the American IPA, which was in the process of being charged and was to be available later that evening. Instead, we went went with those Sweetland Orchard guest ciders. They were quite nice for a hot day. But it wasn’t until after we ordered them that we saw the listing of beers on the wall, which were somewhat different from the menu.


Rob said that if he would have known he would have tried the Laurentian Porter. But after looking it up, found out it was a smoky beer by HammerHeart. {A brewery we love, when their beer isn’t smoky…}

What I do find too bad is that their logo is a bit similar to Excelsior Brewing Company. But, yes, we’ll have to make a trip back to Lakeville Brewing to try their actual beer. HA! I found myself criticizing a few things. Then I stopped in my tracks, reminding myself that this was just the beginning.

Which reminds me, I have yet to tell you about all the improvements to Nutmeg Brewhouse in Burnsville!

Have you ever been to a brewery or restaurant on the day it opened?

What were your thoughts?




Hey, let’s catch up! 

{Got this idea from Courtney at Semi-Sweet Eats.}

I started this post on April 29th and then never posted it…. So here are answers from 4/29 and today. Some have changed… some have not!

Currently reading…

April: Still Life – a novel set in Quebec!

May: Sacré Blues – nonfiction about Quebec!

Can you guess where our next international trip destination is?!

Currently listening to… 

April: Prince – ‘cuz who isn’t?

May: The same running mix over and over and over…

Current guilty pleasure…

April & May: Reading, reading and more reading. Most nights, you’ll catch me with a glass of wine or cup of tea:

Currently drinking…

April: Tom Gore Cabernet – one of my new faves I discovered on ibotta.


May: LSD! They’ve got it on tap at Indeed right now. It tastes like summer to me!

Currently eating…

April: All The Clementines

May: Tacos, Tacos and More Tacos

Currently watching…

April: Master of None – with Aziz Ansari. So funny!

May: Orphan Black – I was hooked on Episode 1!

Currently needing…

April: More time… off, that is. One of my travel tips is to vacation wherever you know someone and have been invited. We got so many invitations this year and I just am maxxed out on vacation time! I know… First World Problems.

May: New running shoes. These have been my fave… And I always get the new current Asics Gel Cumulus, but I just loved the fit and color of these best. #RIP


Currently celebrating…

April: Our 6-year wedding anniversary

May: A work bonus. Off to Sul Lago we goooooo…

Current bane of my existence…

April: The Vikings Stadium project*

May: The Vikings Stadium project* – Isn’t it over yet?!!

This has nothing to do with me being a Packer fan. It has to do with my day job. I think we are all ready to be done. It’s not even worth my energy to explain.

Currently crushing on…

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May —- THE LIBRARY!

This one is not going away, people. I will heart the library forever and ever.

 Currently thankful for…

April: Babbel – This is a foreign language app where you can practice and learn anywhere! It’s $19.99 for three months. I just do a lesson or two every day. I’ve been brushing up on my French for our trip to Quebec!

May: My Garmin VivoActive – I originally bought this for the heart rate monitor, but also to track my steps and workouts. But what? I can download golf courses, get my yardage and record my shots! What the … WHAT?! Really, I am loving it for the heart rate monitor. I always feel like I’m going sooooo slow, especially compared to Rob (who doesn’t run often) and when I see my time. But then, I realize I’m in Zone 4 half the time (80 – 90%) and Zone 5 the other half (90 – 100%). This is telling me I shouldn’t push it so hard. Rob is telling me that because I’m so slow, it’s probably not very accurate. Your thoughts?


Current slang…

APRIL & MAY: “All The Things” – It may be overused at this point, but I love this.

{BTW: I couldn’t stand “epic” when it was overused and I still hate “failure is not an option.” That one doesn’t even make sense. Of course it’s not. Failure happens even if we don’t choose it. The most successful people in the world fail! That’s how they become successful. Fail down seven times, get up eight.}

Currently wearing…

April: One of my new favorite outfits! Blue is normally my favorite color, but this green just makes me smile!


May: New Jeans! I went about six months sans jeans {really!} when my last pair died. I just hate shopping. On a whim, I walked into Sears one day {I never shop there} and decided to try on some jeans. I found these!


I was happy to pay the $34.99 for jeans that fit me and that were comfortable. {I usually have to try 20 pairs until I find one that I like. I hate shopping!} But when I got to the register both the Canyon River Blues Skinny Straight Jeans and Straight Leg Jeans were on sale for $20! Needless to say, I immediately went on line and tried to get all of the colors possible.

Currently excited for…

April: Our next vacation. Is that bad having just come back from one? I like always having one lingering in the distance. Planning is fun!

May: Seeing Rob’s parents soon, with a pit stop to see mine on the way!

Currently feeling…

April: Balanced. Never thought that would happen! I’m working out five days a week: running three {C25k again}, lifting weights two … and aiming for 7,500 steps a day when I am not running and 10,000 when I am. #realistic

But really, I’ve been trying to do all of these things every day; and when I do, I feel balanced and happy:

  • Something active
  • Play with pooches
  • Read – me time!
  • Write or take photos for the blog
  • Babbel – an app to catch up on my French

MAY: Energized. Doesn’t everyone in Minnesota kind of wake up when the weather gets this nice?!

What is CURRENTLY happening with you?