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Someday has come… {Our Next Trip!}


Whenever I talk to people about my travels, I often get a response something like this…

“Ooooo I’ve always wanted to visit Paris!
{or insert other destination here}

After hearing this kind of thing for twenty years, I’ve realized something. Sometimes these people don’t really want to visit these places. Because if they really wanted to travel as much as their enthusiasm seems to indicate, they’d be doing everything in their power to make it happen!

Many people have the desire to have kids, to drive a luxury vehicle, to buy or remodel a dream home. They then become priorities that they make happen. Because they really want them to happen! For me, the desire is to travel. That Next Trip is one of the things I look forward to in life. I have a long wish list of travel destinations.

Just like anything else if life, if you want something bad enough, you’ll do everything you can to get it. You’ll make it a priority.

Everything else becomes a “Someday…”

Someday, I’ll travel abroad…

Someday, I’ll lose weight…

Someday, I’ll run a marathon…




I have plenty of Somedays of my own.

One of them is a particular travel destination.

Do you remember this poll to help us decide where we’d take our international trip last year? Well, we didn’t end up traveling internationally anywhere since my back surgery ate up my $$$ and vacation time. We did, however, make it to a friend’s wedding in L.A. and did some fabulous wine and beer tasting in Temecula!

So now it’s time to…


It was only fitting that my Dove Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate of the day revealed this message.

If all turns out the way we hope, this fall we’ll be…


That’s right. That was my Someday destination.

Someday, I’ll go to Australia.

I just couldn’t see myself having enough cash or time off from work to make it worth the long haul over there. But we’re going to try to make it happen this fall.

There are just two things that need to fall in our favor.

We are at the cusp of having just enough miles for two round-trip flights. We’ll know when the credit card closes on the 15th. We know that we will have enough miles; but once they are deposited, will the number of miles required have changed by then? Last week, I found some flights for 100,000 miles and others for 150,000. Let’s hope there are plenty of 100,000 mile seats left when we’re ready to book. That will save us around $1900 per RT flight!

Then, I have to make sure that my boss will let me take off that much time… all at once.

When those two requirements are met, I can say…

Oh yes. My Someday has come.

Special thanks to our friends Helen, Cher, Juan, Lisa, Jamie, Barbara {aka Mum} and Tiffany at CuteDogsandHugs for all of your suggestions and advice for our trip!

What is your number one Someday that you should really make Today?