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They All Arrived on One Day


Last Friday, these arrived at my doorstep:

photo 1Yes, all four subscription boxes arrived on the same day. Only I didn’t know it. I was hosting an Open House Wine Tasting and our first guest had to bring them in! Consequently, I actually waited until the next morning to open them. I was like a kid on Christmas morning!

So hear goes…. From Top to Bottom!

Love with Food

  • $10 + $2 shipping per month
  • Each box shipped = meal donated to a hungry child
  • Earn points for reviewing or referring toward product purchase

November’s {appropriate} Love with Food Box Theme:

There was a whole slew of coupons and inserts, as well as a recipe from Chef Ryan Scott:

And the contents:

November Love with Food Contents {clockwise from top left}:

  • Mighty Leaf Ginger Leaf Tea – Refreshing!
  • Arora Creations Indian Spice Blend – There is a recipe to make Indian-spiced green beans or asparagus. Can’t wait to try this!
  • Kukuruza Tuxedo Popcorn – Rob and I split this and we were in love {with the popcorn!}
  • Eat Natural Almond, Apricot and Yoghurt Bar
  • Laura Secord Maple Fudge – Reminded me of a caramel… sort of. YUM!
  • Dancing Deer Baking Co. Rosemary Sea Salt Shortbread – Rosemary may sound like a strange flavor for rosemary, but so hath one of my favorite desserts in all of the Twin Cities!
  • Sensible Foods Sweet Corn Crunch – I received this in what I believe was my very first Love with Food box. Loved it then, so I’m sure I will again!
  • Sweet Potato Popchips
  • And to the right… Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate {70%}Dark chocolate. Duh.



  • $10 per month (includes shipping)
  • Earn points for reviews and referrals toward product purchase.
  • Discounts on each month’s products for members.

November Contents

November Birchbox contents {clockwise from top left}:

  • Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil
  • Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Pretzel – Yummy Toasted Coconut. But a full-sized one one/container is about $32.
  • Beauty Protector Shampoo & Conditioner – samples sized, perfect for travel
  • Supergoop Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream – sample size

This month’s box = not that exciting.



  • $19 per month (includes shipping)
  • All products chosen by a Registered Dietician

November Bestowed box contents {clockwise, from top left}:

  • Nektar Honey Crystals – I’ve received these before and love that they make honey portable for tea.
  • Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers (full-size) – I’ve received these in other boxes, too, and love them. I love that Bestowed includes full-size products!
  • Perfect Fuel Chocolate
  • Wild Garden Hummus Dip – I’ve had this before and wasn’t a fan. I love hummus, but I’m just not thrilled with this stuff.
  • Eat Green Tea – Eat green tea?! Just sprinkle it on anything and get your green tea antioxidants. I liked it on my salad. They recommend it in smoothies.
  • Quest Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix – I really liked the flavors
  • Salba Smart Chia Boost
  • ZICO Chocolate Coconut Water
  • And to the right… LifeIce – I put this in the freezer and forgot about it until now!

Obviously, I haven’t had time to try everything. And I really didn’t want to, because it’s one of the best put-together boxes in my opinion, but I canceled Bestowed. *GASP!* I decided it’s way too many foods to keep trying. I’m sticking with LWF for now because it’s cheaper and I’ve racked up rewards. But that may change soon, too, just because Rob and I are talking about more clean eating. Otherwise, I think I actually prefer Bestowed… by a small margin! I’d highly recommend it.



  • $29/month (including shipping), as low as $19 per month if you pay up front.
  • Earn free boxes for referrals. Click my referral link for $5 off your first box.
Anxious Sham

Anxious dogs!

Last year we wrapped the December Bark Box for Sophie & Benny and opened it for them on Christmas. We are planning to do the same this year. But here’s November’s Box:

November BarkBox contents {clockwise from top left}:

  • Bocce’s Bakery Truffle Mac & Cheese Dog Treats
  • N-Bone – I’m glad there were two! They chewed on the chair together, as you can see above.
  • Happy Howie’s Turkey Sausage Treats
  • Etta Says Chew – Not pictured. I’m not sure why. These are Sophie’s favorite, so I’m trying to find a time when I can give it to her without making Sham jeaouls.
  • P.L.A.Y Zucchini Toy – Not pictured. Shamrock stole it immediately. Of course, it’s his new favorite. {Until the next new toy comes around!} I liked that there was a zucchini muffin recipe for dogs included! I may attempt those this weekend.


It’s not spring, but I’m doing a little spring cleaning! Today, I’m cleaning out my closet AND the office. All of this “stuff” sometimes makes me want to purge a few things. I’m actually looking forward to it.

What do you need to purge/organize this time of year?

Disclosure: I was not paid to review any products listed here and have purchased the boxes on my own. Referral links are imbeded in this post if you choose to try out a box.


Can Subscription Boxes Thrive?


Subscription Box Saturday

Last week’s $1 Box post got me thinking… How do subscription boxes really work? With Cravebox {which was my favorite one that I tried} going out of business and the Pawalla company deciding to discontinue their subscription box service, I’m really wondering.

Do subscription boxes get samples from companies as a way to advertise their businesses?

Beauty Army samples are truly samples. They are usually tiny packages meant for one-use only. I can’t believe I pay $12 for that box. The good news is that I can skip any month I’d like. I’ve skipped the last few months because I couldn’t find six worthwhile samples to choose.

Or do they buy the items {especially if they are full-sized} in bulk and get a deal on them?

How do they determine how many of each sample or product they need each month when people are joining and canceling at different rates each month?

This would be especially difficult for those trying to put together a fun theme.

Then there’s the shipping.

A lot of times shipping is included in the box price or is rather inexpensive. But I do know that most boxes that I receive would cost me $10 to $15 to ship myself. Sure, businesses can get a deal and ship at a bulk rate, but the rates aren’t that good to absorb all of those costs.

A case of wine costs anywhere from $35 to $50 to ship due to its weight and adult signature restrictions. But I’d still get flack from guests at tasting events when they are charged a $9.95 flat fee on their order, regardless of size, to ship to the host. It’s a good deal, people, especially when you are already getting a good deal on high quality wine. The shipping is not built into the price of the bottle. By comparison, consider the fact that a winery in California wanted me to charge me $60 to ship a case of their wine I loved.

But back to the boxes…

Sometimes when I think about what a deal a box is, I wonder if the subscription box companies make any money.  There are a lot of subscription boxes out there. And I’ve found that most of them are a lot more expensive than the ones I receive. There are some I’d love to try, but shelling out $30 or $50 per month just isn’t an option when I don’t know what it’s going to be like.

My August Food Boxes…

I have noticed that the very inexpensive Goodies Box I receive {just $7} has scaled back, too. Or at least they had in August.

  • The size of their boxes has been getting smaller, but I feel that they are packed much more nicely.
  • They no longer include a card describing the products. Instead, the recipient is instructed to go online. I think this would save time and money if a product doesn’t work out or when they put different products in different boxes.
  • But this month, the items I received were smaller sample sizes and they looked skimpier in the box.
August Goodies Box

August Goodies Box {clockwise from top left}: Natural Intentions Veggie Chips, Alo Light Orange & Passion Fruit Drink, Pronto! Caol Cafe Blues Liquid Brewstick, Hidden Valley Ranch Sunflower Seeds, Tangy Zangy Twisties Sour Wild Berry Snacks, Poplets

I can’t complain. This is the least expensive box I get! But the fact that they are scaling back might have something to do with the economics of subscription boxes. What do you think?

Fave item in the box? The Brewstick! It was a great one-serving cup of coffee for me when my husband was out of town one weekend. And it is liquid, so it doesn’t leave behind any gross leftover granuals that some instant coffee packets do.

The Poplets reminded me of the Pop’d Kerns that we have in Minnesota, but the flavor and texture of Pop’d Kerns flavor are sooooo much better!


On the other hand, Love with Food always seems to come through for me! Maybe it just seems like a lot that they pack into that small box of theirs, but I like it. I also love their themes each month. Most of their products are all-natural or organic or GMO-free. The bonus is that I usually haven’t had most of them before, so I’m discovering something new all of the time. And how they are donating a meal to a hungry child for every box shipped, I don’t know. The box is only $10 per month + $2 shipping.

August Love with Food Box

August Love with Food Box {clockwise from top left}: Sahale  Fruit & Almond Crunchers, Dizzy Pig BBQ Spice Rub, Harvest Crisps Baked Snapea Crisps, Aunty Sally’s Creamy Original Pralines, Good Boy Organics BOPS Sea Salt Potato Crisps, Project 7 Sugar-Free Fresh Mint Tubes, Rip van Wafels Caramel Amsterdam Waffle Cookie, El Pinto Salsa

Fave item in this box? The Rip van Wafel Caramel Waffle Cookie! I received this in a Goodies Box earlier this year. So I got a second chance not to let it melt and fall into my mug o’ coffee like I did last time. 😉

In my subscription boxes, I often get great coupons, too! I’m talking $1 and $2 off coupons, none of these “save 35 cents when you buy 4” ones you get with the Sunday newspaper. Sometimes I’ve received coupons for BOGOs as well as FREE items. I like it when they do that because it means they want you to try the product, but it really isn’t shippable.

And look below, I dropped the ball and missed getting you this discount code for Love with Food by Aug 31st. But they are still offering the additional points, so it’s possible they may still be accepting the code. It’s worth a try, right?! Click here to enroll.


If you are wondering which other subscriptions boxes I’d like to try, here are a few on my wish list. Anybody want to go shopping for me? 😉

  • HelloFresh – They send you all of the ingredients to make three meals, down to the spices. I received a $25 gift card toward the service in another subscription box, but it still seemed a little pricey and too good to be true. Then I read some incredible reviews about this service. I was all set to join when I discovered that they do not ship to Minnesota. I will have to do a giveaway for that gift card! I don’t want it to go to waste.
  • Taste Trunk (either the Gourmet or Healthy Box) – Specializing in higher end gourmet food products.
  • Hungry Globetrotter – Food inspired by a different region of the world.
  • Stitch Fix – Personal Clothing Shopper. Would love to try this when I’m down to size. 😉
  • Escape Monthly – A vacation in a box!
  • Ellie – Fitness Clothing Box (Again, one to try when I reach my goal. Could be a great reward!)

I’ve also always wanted to belong to a fruit-of-the-month or cheese-of-the-month club. The above more expensive boxes are probably worth it, but you don’t know until you try them. I would like to try them for a deal, but then is it fair to them if we cancel after that?

How do you think most subscription box services work?

If there is one box you could try, what would it be?


Seaweed in My Food Boxes


Subscription Box Saturday: Food Box Edition

My June food boxes had something in common. They both came with seaweed. It turns out, I don’t mind the stuff when it comes to sushi, but I’m not a fan of the snacking kind.

Goodies Box – June 2013


Pringles Stix Cheese Flavor – Rating: 4/5 | These were good. They are kind of like Cheez-its, a bit better, but in stick form. Would I buy them? Probably not. I just don’t buy that sort of snacky food. Would I eat them if put in front me? Yes!

STAX Que Rico – Adobadas Chips – Rating: 3/5 | These taste like chili powder flavored Pringles. They are fine, but not a favorite.

Duchy Originals – Highland Shortbread – Rating: 3/5 | These taste pretty authentic for shortbread, buttery and not too sweet.

Smooch Snacks Snacks – Apple, Raspberry, Peach, Chia & Acerola – Rating: 3/5 | I’ve sampled a lot of these pre-packaged fruit-sauces over the last few months. I like them because they are a very convenient way to get in your daily servings of fruit. The flavor combo was a little strange, but I didn’t mind it. I liked that the raspberry seeds were in there. (Or was that from the chia seeds?) It gave it a little more texture than the other ones on the market.

Gimme Health – Cheddar Cheese Seaweed Crumbles – Rating: 2/5 | I really wanted to like these. The cheddar was a nice touch, but seaweed snacks are still not for me.

Dream Water NightTEA Night – Rating: 2/5 | This is the opposite of 5-Hour Energy. Or at least that’s the impression I get with the packaging. I hadn’t been sleeping well lately, so I gave it a shot. No such luck.

From this photo, you’d think that this box was packaged really well:

Goodies-2But it wasn’t. The shortbread, half of the STAX chips and some of the Pringles Stix came in pieces. Too bad. 😦


Love with Food – June 2013

LWF-3(Sorry for the blurry photo.)

Do More Bars Gluten-Free Pineapple Coconut Cereal Bar – Rating: 4/5 | These are very good! I like the coconut pineapple flavor. They are just not something I would normally buy.

Soy Joy Bar – Rating: 2/5 | I’m just not a fan of these. I like other bars so much better. I’m not big into processed soy products either, but that’s just my personal preference.

Surf Sweets Organic Gummy Bears – Rating: 4/5 |I haven’t had gummy bears in forever. These taste good, as far as gummy bears go. If you are going to give something like this to your kids, you might as well give them some that are GMO-free and without HFCS.

Seaweed Love Roasted Seaweed Snack – Rating: 1/5 | As I mentioned earlier, I don’t mind nori when it comes to sushi, but these just aren’t my thing.

Turbana Sweet Platain Chips – Rating: 3/5 | I liked these. I think I had the salted ones before, but these are lightly sweet. Although, Kim at Living, Laughing & Losing makes her own all the time.

Flavrz Organic Liquid Drink Mix – Superfruit Flavor – Rating: 3/5 |Just add the liquid mix to a bottle of water. This was okay. I think they are supposed to be a slightly healthier alternative to Crystal Light packets. Not sure it’s something I’d run out and buy, though.

PUR Pomegranate Mint Chewing Gum – Rating: 2/5 | I was really excited to try this flavor of gum. However, the flavor did not last long and the gum quickly became hard. 😦

Smooze All Natural Conconut + Mango Fruit Ice – Rating: 4/5 | These are a nice twist on Push-Ups! It arrived in my box unfrozen of course, but I was instructed to pop it in the freezer. Shamrock wanted some and tried to steal a lick!


Then I realized that there were two more items in the box:


GoOrganic Apple & Blood Orange Hard Candies – 4/5 – It’s hard candy that’s organic. It tastes like hard candy. Not much more to say!


My lessons learned this week:

1) I’m not a fan of seaweed snacks.

2) Although it’s fun trying these food products, it’s a rare occasion when I’ll actually buy them myself. For now, most of them are just nice little treats.

What treats are nice when someone else gives them to you, but you wouldn’t necessarily buy them yourself?


Singles with Dogs ~ Treats for You Both


Subscription Box Saturday – BarkBox Edition

Whenever a BarkBox is delivered, my dogs go nuts when I’m about to open it. Truthfully, they go ballistic when I open any subscription box we get. But that’s because they are always expecting a treat for them inside!

This month’s BarkBox was no different. However, while it was the contents that intrigued the pooches, it was something else written on the insert that peaked my interest:


Have you heard of it? It’s a matchmaking service for people with dogs or who love dogs.

Yes, my dear single friends! You can be set up on dates with your pooches, so you’ll always have something to talk about {or have an excuse to get away if it’s not a match for you!} If you are single and love dogs, but don’t have one yourself, you can still be matched to someone with a pooch. Hey, if I was single, I’d check it out. While Tawkify is the general matchmaking service, Connie is the Dog Matchmaker. You can check her out here:


Okay, so now on to the contents of March BarkBox:


Treats, toys, waste bag carrier to clip to a leash, coupons and offers

Teeny Treats Feel Good Treats – Liver Lover’s Gourmet Mix – About a week ago, we took Sophie to the vet because she was walking three-legged. She had injured a hind leg while jumping off the couch. After her exam, we wandered around Pet Smart and found some liver treats she loved as a puppy that I haven’t seen in a while and bought them. She went crazy over them! And she’s been crazy over these, too, since they arrived. I like that they are teeny because that makes them perfect for training. Rob loves teaching Sophie new tricks. I wish I could try to figure out how to have her get him a beer. 😉

Just three ingredients

These teeny treats are made of just three ingredients!

Harry Barker Hemp Bone This squeaky toy is made of eco-friendly fibers. Even though I didn’t think this was that exciting of a toy, Sophie enjoyed it. She loves finding the squeaker!

Lollycadoodle Wool Mouse – For some reason, whenever Sophie gets new toys, she knows she is supposed to play with them. She goes back to some of her old favorites often, but she nearly always gives the new ones a chance. Our very first Christmas in our house, we invited our parents and Rob’s grandma to town to stay with us. We gave up our bed and slept downstairs on the two couches. We had dog beds placed on the cold floor in the basement, too. When we went to bed the night that we opened gifts, one by one, Sophie brought each of her new toys downstairs and lined them up on and next to her pillow. It was the most adorable thing!

Here’s Sophie with her new mouse posing just for you:


Little Eatz Peanut Butter Cookies – These are treats for both you and your dog! They are made with ingredients that both humans and canines can digest. While we do give our pooches people food, some of it can be harmful to dogs. These treats are designed to be ones that both of us can share. Check out the ingredients and nutrition facts.


Little Eatz Peanut Butter Cookies

Rob refused to take a taste, but I did! I wanted to share a treat with my pooches! They weren’t all that flavorful, but they weren’t disgusting either. Still, I’ll save them for Sophie and Benny. I love the premise of these treats, though. I still want to make these Peanut Butter Dog Cookies that were made by volunteers for the Spooky Tails 5k. The ingredients look like something both dogs and their owners could share, too.

If you have a dog, what kind of items would you like to see in a monthly dog subscription box?

If you already have a favorite item, treat, or food you’ve bought for your dog, what is it?



SBS: Love with Food vs. Goodies


Is it March already? I haven’t even told you what came in my February Love with Food and Goodies boxes yet! Since people have been asking which one I like better, this Subscription Box Saturday, I’ll tell you what I think about both of them. But first, the contents:

Feb lwf

February Love with Food Box


February Goodies Box

So what’s the difference between these two boxes? If you had to choose one, which one should you get? Here are my thoughts:

In my opinion, although they don’t state such, Love with Food seems to put in their boxes… more natural items, for lack of a better term. They are often items often natural or organic or products made with non-GMO ingredients. Also, I’ve seen items that are gluten-free or nut-free. It’s as if they are introducing all of us into alternative products. Most of them, I’ve never heard of before. The other thing I like about Love with Food is that they donate a meal to a child in need for every box shipped. It’s $10 a month plus $2 shipping.

On the other hand, a Goodies box is only $7 per month (includes shipping). Goodies is a company owned by Wal-mart, so I think it’s a test market for some of their snacks! I don’t think the focus is on healthy, nutritious or natural ingredients; however, that doesn’t mean that some of their snacks don’t fit into that category. The samples are a little larger, too.

Do I prefer one box over the other? I guess I’d have to say that Love with Food is a very slight favorite. But at $7 for a Goodies box, it’s really hard to pass up. Choose the box based on what you or the person you are getting it for likes!


And now, my Friday Food Journal


Magic Smoothie – the same concoction as earlier in the week.

2 cups black coffee at work with piece of Dove Dark Chocolate (Raspberry Swirl)




Salad – same as Thursday, except I added a little olive oil to the balsamic glaze. Guess what? It tasted just like the dressing I so used to adore at Pardon my French! I always wondered what it was that made their dressing so good. I thought that perhaps they added honey, but I think I’ve figured out that it was a reduced balsamic!




We went to play poker at a friend’s place. Beforehand, we dined at the Lone Oak Grill in Eagan. We started with a couple of beers:

They had Koko Brown on tap!

They had Koko Brown on tap!

Koko Brown is a Hawaiian beer made with toasted coconut that we had when we were there last year, but we never had it on tap! It was a no brainer for me to order it. I savored every sip.

For dinner I had some étouffée from their Bourbon Street menu and added blackened chicken. My photo was a blur. While the flavor was good, the dish was mostly rice. I ate the juicy blackened chicken, but didn’t have much of the rice. I just didn’t want it. So I had a couple of pieces of Rob’s thin flatbread:

Flatbread with Beef Brisket

Flatbread with Beef Brisket

I enjoyed another refreshing beverage, too:

Eagan Spirit Martini - Hendrick's Gin, fresh lemon, simple syrup and sparkling wine

Eagan Spirit Martini – Hendrick’s Gin, fresh lemon, simple syrup and sparkling wine

That made me want to sip some bubbly while I played poker… so I picked up a bottle of cava on the way to the event. While playing poker, I didn’t could have resisted the spice cupcakes, but I didn’t. I ended up eating more than I am willing to admit.

Is there a certain food that you can’t keep in your house knowing that you’ll eat too much of it?



SBS: New Year New You Goodies


This Subscription Box Saturday, let’s talk about the January 2013 Goodies I received. I love my Goodies box because I generally receive around five to eight new snacks to try for only $7 (shipping is free). It’s a steal. I’ve loved almost every box. This one was my least favorite and I’m sad that this was the first box a lot of people got as I recommended Christmas gifts. No worries, it wasn’t a bad box. Just not my favorite.

Goodies New Year

I did like the concept of the first Goodies box of the new year…

You might think that the reason why I wasn’t a fan of the box was that they focused on healthier treats or what they call “sensible foods” to help “fulfill those healthy lifestyle resolutions” in the New Year, but that really isn’t it. I feel like my Love with Food boxes do that every month and nearly always love the contents.


January 2013 Goodies Box Contents

Goodies encourages you to write reviews of the products on their website. You can rate the snack out of 5 scale rating. Then you answer the following question

In a perfect world*, would you eat this?

* like if calories didn’t matter
Always? Sometimes? Never again?

After trying these goodies, here are the reviews I posted on their website:

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar – Stone Ground Whole Wheat Raspberry – 3/5 ~ Never again.

I didn’t hate it. I just wouldn’t make the effort to purchase these. And if I were in a pinch and saw it on a shelf with other similar options, I’d probably choose the other. Sure, this tasted like a fig bar made with whole wheat ingredients. I really couldn’t taste the raspberry, though. It was fine, but it just did not “wow” me. I only chose that I’d eat this “never again” because I wouldn’t seek it out. Not worth the 220 calories, in my opinion.

Wild Garden Traditional Hummus & Pita Chips – 2/5 – Never again

For only 200 calories, I was really looking forward to this afternoon snack at work! I did find it strange that the hummus “dip” need not be opened until after opening. I tried one of the pita chips and they were flavorless and very disappointing. I didn’t like the hummus dip either and I *love* hummus! This was the first subscription box snack ever that I couldn’t finish. I did throw this one away. Sorry! 😦

Skeeter Snacks Cookie – Chocolate 3 – 4/5 ~ Sometimes

I tried a Skeeter Chocolate Chunk cookie in my November Love with Food box and liked them a lot. I mean – Cookie? chocolate? And now – chocolate 3 times? Done. These aren’t soft cookies, but still quite yummy. Two come in a pack for 190 calories. I had them with coffee. 😉 This is the perfect cookie for those allergic to tree nuts. They never put nuts in their cookies and they don’t have any in their facility to come into contact with them either.

Go Nola Blueberry Wave Granola – 3/5 ~ Sometimes

I like my granola as cereal – with milk or maybe even yogurt. I emptied the packet into a bowl and there was barely any there! I looked at the package – it was only a quarter of a cup. I guess it maybe should have been opened as a snack only. However, the pieces were so small that I can’t imagine picking them up with my fingers. Good ingredients and the flavor was good overall. I just wanted more of it. But I guess a 1/2 cup of that would have meant a lot more calories, too.

Flamous Brand Organic Falafel Chips – Spicy – 3/5 ~ Sometimes

I love what this company stands for with ZERO gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, trans fat, cholesterol, msg, gmo, hydrogenated oil, preservatives, nor artificial colors or flavors. The falafel flavor was good, but the flavor of the spice was more warming than spicy. Nice with 3 g of fiber and 3 g protein, which is pretty good for a chip.

Stretch Island Fruit – Cherry Berry Fruit Chews – 3/5 ~ Never again

If you like fruit snacks, these’ll be for you. They just aren’t something I tend to buy. And these didn’t change my mind. The ingredients include: pple puree concentrate, cherry puree concentrate, orange juice concentrate (concentrated orange juice, orange pulp, orange oil), natural flavor. Maybe it’s a better alternative for your kids if they eat fruit snacks similar to this?

Cascal Soft Drink – Berry Cassis – 3/5 – Never again

I was excited to try this flavor! I need to read up on what “fermented soda” is. The insert card just says, “The benefits of a fermented drink have been known to include detoxification and boosting energy levels.” I do know that regular energy drinks are not healthy. However, I do enjoy an Archer Farms Sugar Free Raspberry or Cherry Citrus beverage from time to time. And to me, those flavors are much better than the berry cassis I tried here.

Oh well, it was only $7 to try something new. I’m sure next month will be better! I always love to see what themes they put together.

And in case you are curious, these are the Goodies I received in 2012:

December 2012 – Naughty or Nice!

November 2012 – Entertaining Made Simple

October 2012 – My First Box!

What is your favorite healthy, packaged goodie?


SBS: Love with Food – International Delights (Jan 2013)


This Subscription Box Saturday is one of my favorites!


January 2013 Love with Food box theme!

I love to travel and love trying new foods from around the world. It’s almost like this theme was made for me.

January 2013 Love with Food box contents

January 2013 Love with Food box contents


ITALY: I have never met a Biscotti I didn’t like, so that was a no-brainer Sunday morning coffee dunker!

COLOMBIA: Despite the “lightly salted” label, I expected the Plantain Chips to be sweet. Nothing too special there.

VENEZUELA: Do you know how excited I was to see this ChocoPod? I received one in a Birchbox of mine not too long ago. Then I used some Birchbox points to buy an assortment pack to share with my husband. My absolute favorite of the assortment pack was the Firecracker ChocoPod. I guess we were just meant to be together. 😉 You must try these Firecracker ones!

JAPAN: My husband swore these Tea Cookies were made of seaweed. Without the descriptions in the box, there was no way to know because the bag they came in was unmarked. When I received the list above in an email I forwarded it to him. His reply? “Common knowledge:  seaweed is composed of Black sesame & green tea.  *duh*”

FRANCE: The GoGo Squeez came in my October box, but I seriously didn’t mind getting it again. This is an excellent healthy snack on the go. And I had no idea they were made in France!

INDIA: I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Chai. One night this week, I made this to help stave off a binge while I was lounging around waiting for my back to heal.

BELGIUM: I love chocolate, so those New Tree Chocolates were a treat for me! They were perfect for work. {I usually bring one dark chocolate with me to work each day to have with my coffee.} The flavors were unique and something extra special.

I adore my Love with Food boxes and look forward to trying new snacks each month. I can earn points for reviewing the products and use them to order my favorites. In addition, for each box that ships out each month, LWF donates a meal to a hungry child. This is a win-win in my book.

Looking back, here are my Love with Food boxes from 2012:

December 2012 – Happy Holidays

November 2012 – Happy Thanksgiving

October 2012 – Jumpstart the School Year

September 2012 – Back in Skinny Jeans

August 2012 – Travelin’ Treats

July 2012 – United States of Summer: Americana Celebration – My First Box!

What snack did you fall in love with while traveling abroad?


What is your favorite international snack?