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Willy McCoys


Yesterday, Rob took me to Willy McCoys. He had been there already with the boys because it’s a new establishment in Bloomington close to his work. He said the rooftop patio was fantastic and it was a beautiful day; so why not?!

Unfortunately, they seat everyone on the rooftop and there was a wait. Instead, we had a seat at the bar. The garage-style doors were open welcoming a nice breeze. We were content. There is wide tap selection, although at first glance, not anything too interesting…


Rob says the tap selection is much smaller on the rooftop, too. I guess it’s a great way to get people to stay downstairs on those days that people want to be up top! What’s the best part about Willy McCoys is that they offer 2-for-1s all day, every day on most taps, bottled beer and well drinks. Rob ordered one round of IPAs for us to split and it cost us only $6.75!

However, there are a couple of specialty beers that are not included in this offer. They are marked as such… And in fact, one intrigued us!


I asked for a sample of this Boulevard Tripel Julep, which was made with a nod to the Kentucky Derby.  I assumed that this would be a mint-infused beer and that it would taste like I just brushed my teeth and then drank a beer. But it didn’t. In fact, it was quite intriguing. Rob looked it up on Beer Advocate. It’s described as a cocktail-emulating beer. It’s barrel-aged and boozy, coming in at 12.2%!

Rob decided to order one, despite the fact that it wasn’t a 2-for-1. {But who needs two 12.2% beers, anyway?} Normally, beers with this high of an ABV come in a smaller, tulip-shaped glass and for somewhere between $8-$10. But nope, Rob got a full-pint here! And for only $6!


Okay, so now it’s also no surprise what we had for dinner… 

The Bootlegger - A seared 6 ounce steak cooked medium-rare and thinly sliced. Topped with havarti cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms, drizzled with creamy horseradish and roasted red pepper aioli, on a grilled ciabatta bun 11.99

The BootleggerA seared 6 ounce steak cooked medium-rare and thinly sliced. Topped with havarti cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms, drizzled with creamy horseradish and roasted red pepper aioli, on a grilled ciabatta bun – $11.99

I was actually debating between two of their burgers, but I had to ask what their Special Sauce and Boom Boom Sauce was. I don’t like sweet sauces and it seemed like everything was made with a whiskey glaze or similar on the menu. Sure enough, both have either a barbecue or whiskey glaze in them. That’s what drove me to The Bootlegger. The flavors and seasoning were fantastic on the sandwich. {Oh that bread!} The trouble was the meat! It was cooked correctly – it looked medium rare, but it was sooo tough.

Rob ordered that sausage on his Mac and Cheese; but it was no where to be seen when it arrived:


Mac & CheeseCavatappi pasta with choice of three veggies: bell peppers, onions, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes or black olives. Served with a garlic breadstick – $10.99 Add choice of any meat for $1.50 each: Italian sausage, bacon, grilled chicken, ham, pepperoni or seasoned hamburger.

We aren’t really sure what that bun was for {doesn’t look like a garlic breadstick to me}; but he liked the creaminess of the cheese sauce while he waited for his side of sausage to accompany those mushrooms swimming in it. The sausage was good, but tasted to me like it belonged on a pizza. Rob liked it just fine.

Originally, when it was being built, Rob thought Willy McCoys would be an Irish Pub. But it really is more of a “rustic, Prohibition-themed tavern.” My thoughts on Willy McCoys is that it is a great place to have a beer or two with friends, whether on the rooftop patio or in the open-air bar. It seems that the food is going to be more like your average bar food. If I needed a bite, I might stick with an app.

Do you have a bar or restaurant near you that offers Happy Hour or two-for-ones all day?