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The $1 Box


Subscription Box Saturday

Once upon a time, I tried KLUTCHclub. Using a Groupon, I received a KLUTCHclub box for just $4 {plus $8 shipping} instead of the usual $10 {plus $8 shipping} charged for members. In the box, I received what are now my favorite earbuds I’ve ever owned as well some body butter that I smells soooo good. But some of the other “health products” were not up my alley. So I chose not to continue with the club. However, I remained on their email list. This  month, I received this email:


What did I have to lose?! Sure, I still had to pay $8 shipping. But in my last experience, I spent less than the value of what I actually received. Well, not only that, but I spent less on what I received than the value of  what I actually used. {In my opinion, there is no value in things that I received but did not use.}

So I ordered the $1 box. You see, most of the time, you don’t know what’s going to be in the box. Or you may get a vague idea. It seems, though, once you become a member, you can log in and see what could be coming in the next Women’s, Mom’s or Men’s boxes. Then, unless you are a continuous subscriber, you can decide whether or not you want to order that box. I like that option.

Here’s what arrived:


KLUTCHClub $1 Best Of Box

The Loot:

  • Crunchmasters Multi-Seed Crackers – I’ve always liked these. Great Snack.
  • Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes – I haven’t tried these. They might be good for travel. The reviews I’ve read have been very good. The fact that there is no aluminum, parabens or other heebie-jeebie stuff is a plus.
  • Sheaterra Organics African Black Soap Menthe Body Wash – Stuffed it into my travel bag!
  • Dream Water – I got this stuff in a Goodies Box a while back. Doesn’t really do the trick for me.
  • Tea of a Kind Citrus Mint Green Tea Drink – This beverage was refreshing. They preserve the “natural essence” of their teas with their Gizmo technology.
  • Immuno Mixed Berry Flavor Gum – I was really excited for a gum that offered an “immunity boost with zinc, vit c, echinachea, elderberry and more*”; however, I was disappointed with the flavor. The yummy berry-ness of it all lasted approximately a minute and thirty seconds before starting to taste metallic and then just gross. I keep re-trying it and keep finding the same thing. I have no idea why I keep doing that!
  • BluePrintBar – Lemon Almond Cashew Date – I love bars. The flavor sounds good. I remember eating it, but I don’t remember “tasting” it. So I can’t tell you.
  • doc Multi-Use Suction Holder – This ended up in my shower. It’s a new place for my razor and my shower gel puff!
  • Cocoa Via Daily Cocoa Extract Supplement (unsweetened dark chocolate flavor) – I received this stuff before in a New Year’s Resolutions Box, but in multiple flavors. I wasn’t too impressed because they tasted too diet-y. But I’m willing to give them another shot. Maybe I’ll use it to make chocolate milk this time? Maybe I can doctor it up if it’s not suiting me.

Worth $9? Maybe. Worth continuing a subscription for a higher price? No.

So, today I’m thinking about subscriptions boxes and box contents and retail value versus perceived value. Come back next Subscription Box Saturday when I tell you my thoughts on that.

Name something you bought or received where the the retail value was more than {or less than} than your perceived value.


Don’t Order the House Wine!


Seriously. Don’t do it.


Well, unless, of course, it’s one you like. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Still, you may think you are saving by ordering the cheapest wine on the menu; but did you know that the cheapest wine is usually the most marked up?

Knowing that many people order the least expensive wine available, restaurants often make sure that their house wine is the cheapest they can get and sell it for the highest price possible. So it’s the worst value on the menu.

You are paying extra for the lowest quality.

If I’m going to spend calories on wine, I want it to be good stuff. I’m not talking about $100 bottles here. I’m talking about a decent value. As you may know, I’m all about quality over quantity!

House wines are generally ordered in bulk and come from those large 1.5 liter bottles or even a box. {To be honest, the stuff coming from the box is often better because you know it’ll be fresh!}

Of course, there are some exceptions.

For example, the house wine in a former Twin Cities restaurant was a blend that came directly from the Francis Ford Coppola winery. They got the wine by the barrel and tapped it. It was pretty decent for a house wine.

I know it’s tough to shell out money for wine in restaurants these days with such high prices. However, if you want a better bang for your buck, I’d like to offer you the following advice:

Choose the 2nd or 3rd least expensive wine on the menu.

It’s almost always a better value. Sometimes, the wine at this price point is such a good value that the owner or sommelier drinks it at home as their every day wine or offers it as their own “house wine” when company drops by.

Of course, if you really enjoy the house wine on a particular restaurant’s menu, by all means, order it. I won’t judge.

Just know that you’ll be getting the least quality wine on the menu for the most amount of money. The fact that it’s the restaurant’s least expensive wine is deceiving. For an extra dollar or two per glass, trying something else is worth the splurge.

How do you choose a wine on a menu when you are dining at a restaurant?

Do you have a “House Wine” you serve to guests at your own home?

If so, what is it?