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Fitness Walking {Food & Fitness Link-Up}


Since this is a short week, it’s not going to be much of a Food & Fitness Plan for me…



There is only one cooking night available this week. I don’t want to go grocery shopping, so I’ll be throwing together some things from the freezer, fridge and pantry. Wish me luck!


It’s not a secret that I’ve been failing here lately. I thought I found my calling when I started running. I thought it was the thing that worked for me. I had races I’d signed up for. I had a schedule, a plan in place. I found such a sense of accomplishment every time I improved. I loved the endorphin rush.

But since my back surgery and slowly got back int the swing of things, I thought I could begin the Couch t0 5k again. But every time I have pain in my back, I don’t want to risk it getting worse. I think the pounding may be doing the harm. I’ve decided once I’ve lost the weight, I can go back and try running again. That’ll be less tough on the back.

For now, I need to get back to walking. Besides, it is the best form of exercise for the back. And for this crazy week, the plan is just to get 10,000 steps in a day.

Fitness Walking

So let’s talk a bit about Fitness Walking. Having been a runner for an entire year, walking just sounds so boring to me now. While I do find a greater sense of accomplishment and release from running, we all know walking is a great form of inexpensive exercise that anyone can do.

The debate on why running can be more beneficial to your health weight loss can be found here… and here.

Yet we all know that walking is an excellent place to start for those who cannot run quite yet. And it can be easier on the body.

I recently picked up a copy of the Weight Watchers Complete Walking Guide from a second hand store. Here are some facts the surprised me or were new to me:

  • In a study from Duke University Medical Center, researchers found that walking 11 miles a week for 6 months prevents people from gaining visceral fat – the fat around your stomach and internal organs that’s linked to an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

  • Just like running, regular walking strengthens bones. The faster and longer you walk, the greater the benefit.

  • Studies have shown that you can help preserve your memory, attention and learning ability as you age by walking a minimum of 2 to 3 hours a week at an easy pace, defined as walking a mile in 20 to 30 minutes.”

  • Studies have shown that women who walk more than 10,000 steps per day have less body fat, a lower BMI and a lower waist/hip circumference than those who walked less than 6,000 steps per day.

  • 75% of successful maintainers recorded in the National Weight Loss Registry list walking as their main form of physical activity.

  • It’s normal to feel some aches and pains particularly in your calves, shins and hips. The pain will ease as your muscles and joints adjust to being challenged in new ways.  Learn the difference between aches and soreness and true pain where you are pushing too hard and should back off!

  • Blister Deterrent: Use water or rubbing alcohol on your feet before walking. Dry feet completely before putting on socks.

  • City Walking – A study from the University of Pittsburgh showed that walking at a leisurely pace still gets results. You shouldn’t even try to speed-walk down city streets dotted with delivery men, commuters and people pushing strollers. Researchers at the Uuniversity of Colorado at Boulder found that obese individuals burned more calories and reduced the impact on their joints when they walked at a leisurely place over a longer period of time (about 2 miles per hour) than when they walked in faster, shorter spurts.

     I need to remember these things when I start t think of walking as boring, especially on a treadmill in the winter. 😉

How do you make exercise more fun?