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Up in Here… This & That


Well, hello there, beautiful blog…

It’s been a week. Did you miss me?

What’s been goin’ on up in here, you ask?

Well, let me tell ya…

I’m sure you’ve heard the adage that if you want to be happier, you need to do more of the things you love. So I’ve been doing…


I’m not sure I love this yet, but I’ve been diligent with my weight training with my Personal Trainer – aka my husband {and I love him!} So far, I have lifted three times a week, every week in 2016. Knock. On. Wood.



I made this recipe this week when I had the girls over for dinner. It turned out better than I anticipated…

Marinated Kale & Chicken Bowls with Sundried Tomato Sauce

Marinated Kale & Chicken Bowls with Sundried Tomato Sauce

The “sauce” was more like a topping, really, and I have so much left over! I decided to put some on my eggs with avocado this morning.


I’ve been obsessed with “bowls” ever since I had the Autumn Bowl at Studio 2

Here are some on my list of bowls to try:



I finally, after all this time, have gotten back into reading… How did I forget how much I loved always having a book to read? What makes it even better is that I gave myself permission to stop reading something if I didn’t like it. And the best part – I’m reading what I want to now. All I had to do was update/renew my library card and put books on hold. It’s wondrous. Here are a few books I’ve been reading this year:

Emory's Gift

Fiction – Emory’s Gift was a good read, though I much prefer Cameron’s books A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey. Those books left me wanting more written in that style.

It was me all along

Non-fiction – Mitchell’s memoir is a must-read for anyone struggling with weight or disordered eating. You can also follow her healthy eating blog here.

all dogs go to kevin

Non-fiction – I don’t know why I’m into dog books so much lately. In any case, this is a must-read if you own a pet. I love Vogelsang’s perspective as both a vet and a pet owner. You can also find her blog here. {It’s how I found out about her book!}



We went from having no vacations to having all of them for the year booked in a matter of weeks! Here’s where we are so lucky to go this year:

  • Winter Trip/Domestic Trip: Phoenix – Got any must sees or dos? We are visiting friends and family, so we have no real agenda.
  • Annual Trip: Michigan to spend time with Rob’s parents {We want to start making this bi-annual and this is the year to start!}
  • Quick Weekend Getaway: Chicago – This was a spontaneously booked event! It’s only because Frontier had a $39 each way deal and we found a decent hotel for about $100/night. And – it just happens to be over our anniversary.
  • International Trip: Quebec – Can you believe I’ve never been to Canada before?
  • Green Bay: And of course, we make our quick jaunts to Green Bay for our Packer games and Christmas toward the end of the year.

What do you love to do that makes you happy?

Are you doing more of that this year?