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The First One is Tomorrow!


My first 5k is tomorrow morning!

I’m excited.

I’m nervous.

I’m ready… I think.

I want to thank all of you who offered advice whether I spoke with you personally or if you commented on what I should expect. I had a bit of anxiety over the little things and you all made me feel more prepared with your answers. In addition, you brought up a few more things I hadn’t thought of at all!

Thank you for offering advice to a newbie, especially if you are an experienced runner who does a 5k as a warm-up. 😉 We all have to start somewhere! When I first decided I was going to do this, all I wanted to do was be able to finish it running non-stop. Now I know that I can do that. But it’s still hard.

Many people run their first 5k after they have lost all their weight. I’m doing it before I’m half-way there. I am officially down 29 lbs now and have recently had a lot of people asking what I’m doing to achieve that. It’s simple… and it’s not. So expect a post on that probably next week!

I have been reading a few running blogs and articles that I have found have offering advice and insight to new runners. I can’t tell you how invaluable this information is! So if you are new to running, be sure to read these. I found them helpful!

Nine Race-Day Tips for Your First 5k (Active.com)

How to Fuel for a 5k (Active.com) – Thanks, Bukie! 😉

New Runner Tips (Twelve-in-Twelve by MN Ann)

Running Tips (by Fit This, Girl!)

Are you Ready and Well-Prepared for Your Race Day? (Special thanks to my cuz, Kim for sending this!)

I know there are more out there and I should have organized them all in one nice spreadsheet or something to have for future reference or to share all in one post for you. I’ll get better at that. I promise.

Now my only concern?

A cold and rainy race.

I wasn’t exactly expecting that. And it was probably my biggest fear {fear used loosely here}. I haven’t run in a downpour yet. I think that was my concern for clothing. Oh well. I guess we’ll see how that goes and how cold and wet I get! Thanks to all of you out there for your advice and support! I will update you on Monday.

If you run, do you remember your first race?

…how it felt?

…if you were nervous?