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Terzo – Birthday Edition


Happy Wine Wednesday!

My birthday was over a month ago and we are now upon Rob’s birthday month and dinner choice. {For the record, I suggested that we go to Barley John’s (never been) and stop at the Hammerheart Brewery (also never been) on the way back. But as of right now, Rob has chosen here (never been). Seriously. But there’s still time for him to change his mind…

Because I did that the week of my birthday! I made Rob cancel our other reservations when I remembered that I wanted to go back to Terzo. It was my only opportunity to get him there. I wasn’t sure that this was a place I could normally convince Rob to go…

We didn’t have to make reservations because Terzo “reserves” half of its tables for walk-ins. Still, we arrived at opening and had a seat at the bar. (Our favorite place!)

The Happy Hour special included glasses of Barbaresco for $15.

Terzo Happy Hour

It’s rare to see Barbaresco {a higher end Italian wine made from the Nebbiolo grape} by the glass. Sure, $15 is a little spendy for a glass of wine; but considering how much a bottle of Barbarsco can be, it most likely won’t find its way into our house any time soon. So I started with a glass. Rob chose the local Indeed Sweet Yamma Jamma Ale.

Then, the ever-changing menu:

Terzo menu

Rob really wanted to try the Chips and Dip:

Terzo House Made Chips

house potato chips with aioli – $4

We’ve been finding homemade chips and dip around a lot of places in the Twin Cities over the past six months or so. These did not disappoint. There were two kinds of sauces to choose from and when I asked Rob which one, he said, “You choose! It’s your birthday!” The bartender then wished me a Happy Birthday, of course. But I chose the wrong sauce! I selected the one I thought Rob would like (which had garlic in it) instead of the other (which might have been a roasted red pepper kind?). All I could taste was lemon in this sauce. No worries, though, the chips didn’t need them!

I also knew from my last visit that we had to have the bruschetta trio. And I didn’t forget to take a photo this time!

Terzo Bruschetta Trio

bruschetta trio – tomato & egg yolk, truffle mushroom, garlic & oil – $13

Rob’s fave was the truffle mushroom. I loved them all! Then we took a look at the extensive wine list. All of the wines at Terzo are Italian. Look at all of these Barberas!

Terzo Barbera Wine List

Because Terzo specializes in one area, they can narrow their focus and the wine bar thing right. It’s why I consider it the Best Wine Bar I’ve been to in the Twin Cities! While perusing the list, I could not find the wine on the menu that Jaime and I had and loved. But now that I look at this photo – I found it! It’s the Lagone – the second Super Tuscan on the list.

Terzo Super Tuscans

But that night, I hadn’t seen it. So we asked our bartender for a suggestion based on our favorite style (big, bold reds) and price point. As you can see, most of the wines are quite expensive on this list. Generally, I stay in the $30-$45 range. But we were celebrating. This was the wine recommended to us by two of the staff members. They said that we would not be disappointed.

Terzo - Birthday Wine Choice

And they were right! We went crazy over this Super Tuscan. It’s definitely one I’d buy in a store if I ever found it. We savored that bottle to its fullest throughout our meal.

I was in a salad mood:

Terzo Goat Cheese Salad

insalata di stagionemixed greens, roasted butternut squash, smoked goat cheese, rosemary vinaigrette, figs, candied pistachio – $9

This was one of the best salads I’ve ever had! There was a hint of sweetness that made me call it a “dessert salad,” but it really wasn’t that sweet. I just loved the combination of flavors. Rob even agreed that it was exceptional and he doesn’t even like goat cheese. I will get this salad every time it is offered.

I knew Rob wanted to try the Truffled Mushroom Porchetta Sandwich. At this point, I was a lot less hungry than when we arrived. I couldn’t imagine ordering the full entree that I had originally intended. Sure, it was just the Seared Sea Scallops that I wanted; but it was still a full entree! Besides, my dish now had to contend with a big, bold red wine. So instead, I convinced Rob to split the steak. I already knew how much I loved it last time!

Terzo Steak

manzo – pan-seared Grass Run Farms flat iron steak charred carrots, cipollini onion, parsnip puree, barbera demi – $26

Unfortunately, the steak didn’t live up to my hype. This time around, it was overpowered by peppercorns and was a little underdone to my liking. We still had no problem polishing it off. But I will be ordering something different next time.

And because the bartender heard it was my birthday – this:

Terzo Dessert

She let me choose any dessert I wanted off of their menu that night. This was a deconstructed tiramisu of sorts, à la mode of course. We had a little trouble finishing it. We did overindulge! Still, I may have had a glass of Vin Santo after that…

Terzo Vin Santo

Vin Santo – traditional Tuscan dessert wine

I hadn’t had Vin Santo since I had been to Tuscany, where Rob proposed in 2008. That was an all-expense paid trip I earned through The Traveling Vineyard. We were served Vin Santo after just about every lunch and dinner we had there!

What I can tell you… Terzo won Rob over. And we will be back. He still has to get his Porchetta Sandwich, no?

Where do you like to dine to celebrate special occassions where you live?



San Sebastian Winery


After our adventures at Mile Marker Brewery in St. Augustine, we made our way San Sebastian Winery to stop for a quick tasting before venturing down to the Historic Old Town of our nation’s oldest city!

photo 3

Visiting a winery while in Florida wasn’t something I expected to do. But when we were looking up things to do on that cloudy, rainy day in St. Augustine, I thought, “Why not?” It was a stop on the Trolley Tour {which we decided to forego due to timing and cost}.photo 1(2)

I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of varietals. Florida isn’t exactly a notable wine-making region. However, there are wineries in all 50 of our United States. We found that many of the wines here are made from Muscadine grapes.

This tasting was very different from any I have ever experienced! The first floor of this old railway building is strictly retail for the winery. Climb the stairs one flight where you will be guided to a room for your first taste. You are given a small plastic tasting cup with your first wine. {The tasting cup is like one that you’d use when tasting a featured wine at a liquor store or wine shop.} You take this cup with you and move room to room to get a taste of the next wine!

Of course, the list of wines we tried wasn’t spectacular, in my opinion, but I loved the setup and layout. My favorite of the regular wines was the Castillo Red, which was probably the driest of the bunch, if I remember correctly. But the fave of the group was the Rosa. We got a couple of bottles of that to take back to the hot tub later that evening.

But my ultimate favorite was the Port {Bin 12 below} which comes in the coolest bottle ever, but I wasn’t sure I could pack it that well in my luggage. The wine totes I use aren’t exactly made for that bottle. What amazed me, though, were the prices of these wines! Some went for as low as $7.99! Usually small wineries like this charge much, much more for their wines.

And did I mention that this tasting was complimentary, did not require a reservation and included a {smallish} taste of at least eight wines on this list? Crazy, if you ask me!

photo 5

The lines at the register were long because people were stocking up and getting crazy discounts for ordering multiple cases. Who knows where this barrel was going:

photo 2

I even met a few women who were using BOGO coupons – buy one case, get one free. Seriously?! How do they make any money?

My guess? There is a wine bar and jazz club upstairs, known as The Cellar Upstairs. We went up to check it out. It was midday and the place was hoppin’ with music and people. They even have beer on tap for you non-wineaux! What a cool place to hang out. And in the summer (or if there was nicer weather), I’m sure it’s even busier outside on the rooftop patio. You can sit overlooking the Old Town!

What’s the most unique winery or wine experience you’ve ever had?


California Vacay: Pasadena


Our vacation began in Pasadena.

Wait, do you remember THIS poll?

Yeah. Well, we didn’t end up going to any of those places. Our goal is to travel internationally every year. However, the back surgery I had this year drained much needed vacation time and funds for such a trip.

So when I found out that my friend Erika was getting married in Pasadena, I said to my husband, “That’s what we are going to do instead!” Not only could we celebrate the special occasion with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time, but we could also get a taste of Los Angeles and then drive down to Temecula Wine Country.

Why Temecula?

I’ve been to Sonoma. We’ve been to Napa. It was time to try something new. And a friend suggested Temecula because she said it’s more laid back than the other two well-known wine regions. But we’ll get to that tomorrow – on Wine Wednesday!

Our first day started out by waiting in this 1 hour and 45 minute line to get our “reserved” rental car:

014It was followed by another 15 minutes to stand in a line with our paperwork to get said car. While I could complain, the rental cost us half the amount it did when we rented for the same amount of time for our wedding in Pensacola in 2010. I told Rob that instead, we should think of it as them paying us $150 for standing in line for two hours.

Then, there’s the traffic. At first, we didn’t understand what all of the fuss was about. But time lost due to the rental car line and a little bit of traffic kept us from stopping in Chinatown on our way to Pasadena. We wanted to check out the Phoenix Bakery, which the groom’s family owns! #fail

But we were going slowly enough that Rob made me take a photo of this exit sign:015~

That night, we spent catching up with friends from Milwaukee who just moved to L.A. this year! It was a gorgeous night sitting outside at the Yard House. There’s an excellent selection (over 50) of beers on tap, which is pretty remarkable for a growing chain restaurant. We had to try a few pints of California beers and maybe a couple from out of state that we can’t get in Minnesota. I personally thought it was fun to try a Youngberry Chocolate – half Lindeman’s Framboise, half Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. It appears we’ll be getting a Yard House in St. Louis Park in 2014. I’ll only go, though, if they put some local stuff on tap and support the little guys!

Rob was quite pleased with his food, too. He ordered a burger or some sort and upgraded to the truffle fries. {Surprise, surprise!} He also ordered a side of Shiitake Garlic Noodles to split. I tried a few different street tacos. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of these because, fortunately, we focused our time catching up with our friends. It was the perfect place to do that! Great find, Juan!


The wedding was absolutely beautiful. It made me so happy to see Erika so happy! We had a long lull between the wedding (10:30am) and the reception (6pm), so we went to lunch with our friend Lisa to one of Craig & Erika’s favorite restaurants in Pasadena – The Green Street Restaurant. It was highly recommended by Erika to order the Dianne Salad, but I didn’t because I thought I wanted something more substantial. All we had for breakfast was the Starbucks Coffee in the hotel room. {Yay, Westin for that perk!}

Here’s what we ordered instead:

Pimento Cheese Bacon Burger with an upgrade to the Potato Chips with Carmelized Onion Dip

Pimento Cheese Bacon Burger with an upgrade to the Potato Chips with Carmelized Onion Dip

Rob really enjoyed this burger. The chips were really good, too!

Caprese Sandwich - La Brea Bread grilled with olive oil topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted tomatoes, tomato-caper spread and pesto with a side of fruit

Caprese Sandwich – La Brea Bread grilled with olive oil topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted tomatoes, tomato-caper spread and pesto with a side of fruit

This sandwich was good, but it didn’t knock my socks off. I really should have just listened to Erika! I mean, in college, we used to go to Perkins late in the night to order those Bread Bowl Salads and talk until the wee hours…


Before entering the restaurant, I saw a wine shop next to a cheese shop right across the street. Ding Ding! Knowing that we’d have more time after lunch, I begged Rob and Lisa to stop there afterwards. Maybe we could find some wine to pick up for later? The Wine Detective indicated that there was a tasting going on. I didn’t have to beg them too long. 😉

But I was wrong.

This wasn’t a typical wine shop where you buy bottles of wine. It’s more of a… Wine Tasting BAR! Have you ever been to one of these before?

033Here’s how it works. First, you get a card with a $50 credit. They take your credit card to start your “tab.” You take your card to the stations which consist of 16 white and 32 red wines. Let me just say, these are high end wines. They are wines that you probably wouldn’t be able to get a glass of or taste unless you were at the vineyard, at a specified tasting or bought an entire bottle.

Then you insert your card into the slot of the station that corresponds with the wine you want to try.

The red numbers indicate the cost for a one ounce tasting pour. If you want to try it, just push the button for the machine to dispense the wine from the bottle. I photographed this one because it was our favorite. There was a Chateauneuf-du-Pape that came in 2nd place for us. {Can someone say graham cracker flavors?!}

The Wine Detective just opened for the day when we arrived, so we had the place to ourselves. However, there is space to sit and relax and enjoy happy hour or time with friends like you would at any wine bar. For the wine above, you could enjoy it by the glass for $12, if you’d like. I think the employees would need to dispense that for you though? Or maybe you’d dispense it four times for four ounces? We didn’t get that far! We were too busy tasting. We also learned that the price per bottle was for here {corkage} / to go.

When you are done tasting, you bring your card to the front and the amount you used from your $50 card is charged to your credit card. At first I was a little nervous tasting $2 – $4.50 one-ounce pours so quickly. I thought we’d rack up a hefty bill. But then Rob pointed out, “Look at all of the expensive wines we may have never had the opportunity to taste unless we bought a whole bottle!” POINT. We did enjoy a nice taste of Brunello. 😉 I don’t think any of these wines were under $30/bottle. But then again, we only tasted reds.


Before the reception, Lisa and I got to be flies on the wall at the Tea Ceremony. As explained to us by one of the groom’s uncles {I think}, this is a Chinese tradition in which the groom’s family officially accepts the bride into the family. Each couple in the family comes up to formally sip some tea and pass the couple a red envelope with a {generally monetary} gift. The groom’s mom often offers a piece of jewelry, sometimes one that has passed down within the family. It is done with every married couple in the family, starting with the grooms parents and then from eldest to youngest couples. There was a lot of joking around going on! While I know it is tradition, I loved seeing that everyone was having fun with it, too.


The reception, too, was beautiful. Look at these gorgeous centerpieces! I loved the tradition of each of the fathers introducing their families that were present.037Overall, we had a great time in Pasadena. Who knows when we will be back? Perhaps for a Rose Bowl game? My high school band played there in 2012! In fact, Erika was at that game and texted me when she saw them!

In any case, we know we have friends in the Los Angeles metro area, so it’ll be a great destination whenever we want to get away from these Minnesota winters. 😉

Have you been to any unique wedding ceremonies or witnessed cultural wedding traditions?


Bin Wine Bar {Closed}


Happy Wine Wednesday!

Today’s post is a guest post from my friend Jared, who lives in St. Paul, has also posted about Meritage and works over at Urban Olive & Vine. I’ve been to Bin Wine Bar a couple of times, but only because he introduced me. So it is only fitting that he writes this post!


Bin Wine Bar!!

What can I say about Bin?  It is an amazing little place on 6th and Selby in St Paul.  On Thursday nights, in Mears Park, there is live music.  You can sit outside at Bin and enjoy some music and an amazing wine and food in the summer.

What do I like about Bin?  Where to start….  The staff is very friendly.  Brian is the manager and always a great guy.  Todd is the bartender, also very friendly and ready to help.  And the waiter that we usually get, Jacob, is fun and always fun to joke with.  Todd, the chef and brother to the owner, is AMAZING.  He has amazing ideas and a great palate.  Rebecca, the owner, is always friendly and a social butterfly.  She loves her patrons and her staff!

They have an amazing wine list, great food, and they even offer beer and hard alcohol.  The menu is a bit variable.  They have small plates, street tacos, main dishes, and desserts.


(Click to enlarge. Click again to zoom in.)

One of our favorites are the Canoas!  AMAZING.  Baked plantains filled with cheese and spicy meat!


The wines they have are really varied.  They also have 3 different prices.  You can go for a taste, a glass, or a bottle. The taste, if you pick 3, will come in a small tray with descriptions of the wines.

We always have a great time at bin.  The Eos is a perfect (dessert) wine accompaniment to the Mexican rum cake!  MMMM  CAKE!!!

They were AMAZING to us a few weeks ago.  My amazing husband Matt and I got married on September 7th and had our reception there.  We used the wine cellar and had Champagne tasting with passed hors d’oeuvres for our reception.  The staff was amazing and the food was outstanding!

Bin-Matt & JaredWe had a wonderful group of friends that joined us.  I also include the staff and manager in that category.  Brian even made a little speech when he brought out the dessert for us.

This is an amazing place to go for a special occasion or just for a night out!


Thank you, Jared! That’s an incredible tribute to a great place. I had forgotten how much I love the ambiance there! It makes me happy and relaxed. It was the perfect setting for reception. And the Champagne food pairings… of course that comes only from the guy who will always share a bottle of bubbly with me. 😉

Congrats again to you and Matt!

What is your favorite pairing with sparkling wine?




I don’t think I’ve ever talked about Port on Wine Wednesday. Have you had it before?

I love Port. I always have since the very first sip. In fact, I’ve never found a Port that I didn’t like. I find that it’s usually a wine people love or hate. What makes it unique? Well, it’s that sweetness and high alcohol content. It’s often served as a dessert wine. Although, I remember my host family, when I studied in France in college, offered it as an apéritif.

What is Port?

It’s a fortified wine originating from Portugal. Other countries, too, will try to make wine in this Port style. The wine is “fortified” by adding a “neutral spirit” that adds umph, increasing that alcohol content and allows some of the wine’s residual sugar to remain behind.

There are several levels of quality and aging when it comes to Port. The most well-known being Ruby and Tawny Ports.

The other night, while visiting our friend Jared, who was working at Urban Olive & Vine, we noticed the following on the menu:

photo 1

We had just enjoyed a an appetizer and a bottle of wine and thought we’d round it off before wandering around the cute streets of Hudson. So, yes! Splitting a 100-year Port Flight was meant to be done!

Rob decided that he wanted to sip on them blind, to see if he could really tell a difference. Jared lined them up out of order and the two of us noted which ones they were as Rob tasted them.

photo 2

Rob could tell there was a difference, but he couldn’t tell which was youngest and and which was oldest. Instead he ranked them in order of preference. The interesting part? We learned that Rob likes his Ports young. He ranked them from favorite to least favorite exactly in order from 10 to 40 years!

As for me, I could taste a difference. The older ports were less concentrated. But I don’t have enough of a discerning palate to know that they were older. I still liked them all. And with a little side of chocolate covered blueberries, Rob and I had finished them off in no time!

photo 3Because of the high alcohol and sweetness, Ports are poured into smaller, sometimes cordial-style glasses which offer about two to three ounces.

The last time we were at King’s Wine Bar, one of our favorite places to order port, our server {who we later learned was once the drummer of the band Babes in Toyland} highly recommended exploring the wineries in Portugal. She said that the views were beautiful and each vineyard offered tapas to pair with their Ports.

We are so there.

{Well, not literally, but it’s on our list.}

Have you had Port before?

If so, which is your favorite or favorite pairing?


King’s Wine Bar – Minneapolis


When driving through the Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapolis, I came across Kings Wine Bar. Since we don’t really have a good wine bar in our neighborhood south of the river, I just had to take Rob here for a nightcap after dinner one night.

We loved it. It kind of reminds me of a neighborhood café you’d find in Paris. You know, the kind where they have full-service: beer, wine, food and coffee. I imagined sitting here for hours sipping a coffee while meeting a friend, blogging or just reading a good book. In the evening, the place is dimly lit, creating great ambiance.

photo 1

I guess that the trouble with going there for a nightcap is that food must be ordered in order to serve alcohol. It’s a requirement as part of their liquor license for locating in a residential neighborhood. While it would be nice to just stop in for a glass of wine from time to time, I totally get it. If people didn’t eat and just drank all night, they could be loud, obnoxious and disturb the other neighbors.

Since then, we’ve gone back a few times. In fact, I’ve taken girlfriends here for dessert after our dinner nights out, too! On one occasion, Rob and I put in an order for mac & cheese with our wine and the tried the dessert special.

MAC & CHEESE  full $10 || half $8 add bacon $2 || add broccoli $2 || mushrooms $3


Dessert Special: Butterscotch Budino

Dessert Special – Butterscotch Budino

Since Rob absolutely adores butterscotch, we were excited about this dessert. Unfortunately, we were disappointed. No biggie though, everyone else who has been there with me has enjoyed the desserts there.

It’s a Wine Bar! What about the wine?

There are four beers on tap at any given time which are often local or craft brews. But many other beers are offered in the bottle or the can.

The wine list is pretty extensive for a little neighborhood wine bar. I mean, how many of you can walk to one in your neighborhood and order a bottle of Sancerre or Amarone? There are over 20 wines offered by the glass and over 100 by the bottle. They offer a hefty pour of Port, too!

But despite all of these offerings, this place is in no way stuffy. In fact, the people who work there are kind of quirky. I like that. A lot.

Still, the food shouldn’t be overlooked! {You have to try it if you want some wine or beer, anyway.} We wound up here when my mom was in town. She wanted to try a Café Cubano and my google search yielded Victors 1959 Café. We decided on it for breakfast/brunch. However, it was Memorial Day and the wait seemed like it would be hours for such a small place. After driving around, we happened upon Kings and having been there before, we knew it would be a good choice.

GRILLED CHEESE mozzarella, cheddar and gruyere with tomato soup

GRILLED CHEESE – mozzarella, cheddar and gruyere with tomato soup

And while I thought it was tasty {exceptional bread, possibly from Patisserie 46 next door?!}, I was quite envious of my mom’s and Rob’s orders. How could I know they’d make an exceptional burger?

KINGS BURGER caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, bacon, pickles and shallot aioli $11

KINGS BURGER – caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, bacon, pickles and shallot aioli

Burger of the week? Blue cheese or mushroom sauce?

Burger with Blue Cheese Mushroom Sauce

I can’t find this burger on their online menu now!!! How annoying is that? I considered this a top burger in the Twin Cities and I *think* Rob agreed. That day, there was a burger and beer special. A burger plus a beer for just $10. That’s a pretty good deal in our area. I wonder if I it was a specialty burger or if I could order it again.

And you know how I mentioned that we enjoy the Port here? I don’t think we’ve ever patronized this place without one of us ordering a glass of Port. I can’t think of many other places where that is the case. But that day that we were there with my mom, our server, Lori, told us that when she was in a band that performed in Portugal and loved her experience stopping at all the vineyards where you could enjoy Port and tapas with the beautiful view. We loved her passion and you must know that is now on our travel bucket list!

We love that in the Twin Cities, Kings Wine Bar is not well-known, or at least we hadn’t learned of it until I drove by the place. But there’s so much going on there! One time there was a doggie parade in the neighborhood. And they offer brunch and date night. It’s just one of those places where I find myself drawn to dine. I feel content here.

Now you know why I chose Café Ena for dinner one night. I knew Rob enjoyed Kings as much as I did, so trying another place across the street was difficult.

What is your favorite Wine Bar {or place to drink wine if you aren’t near one!} where you live?


Surdyk’s Flights – Getting to the Airport


We like to get to the airport early. I’m talking, at the very least, two hours before flight time. It’s not just to give us time to go through security. We know there’s plenty of time for that. But we don’t want to feel rushed. When we are going on vacation, we want to start our vacation right away. And for us, it starts at the airport, before we even leave the soil of our resident state.

I know a lot of people don’t like to dine at airports because they think it is too expensive. And it is. But there is something to be said about starting your vacation the minute you get through security. Sure, if I have a morning flight, I generally do eat ahead of time or bring a banana or Fiber One Bar or some nuts of some sort along with me for some a.m. fuel. Then, when I find the nearest coffee shop (be it Starbucks or Caribou Coffee), I get myself a nice, warm and happy medium Americano. {I especially do this if said flight is 7am or earlier!}

However if we are going to have a little lunch or dinner at the MSP airport, I insist that we go here:

Surdyk's Flights (source shopmsp.com)

Surdyk’s Flights (source shopatmsp.com)

Surdyk’s Liquor and Cheese Shop is located in Northeast Minneapolis and has been an institution since 1934. Not too long ago, Surdyk’s put a wine market and bar in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport (Terminal 1, aka the Lindbergh Terminal). Cleverly named Surdyk’s Flights, it’s where I like to get a flight or glass of wine pre-departure… and not to mention, a little bit of grub!

The first time I discovered Surdyk’s Flights, I enjoyed a flight of wines with a salami sandwich. It was simple and delicious. This isn’t a fancy wine bar. There’s just a handful of two-person booths and a side counter that serves as a bar. The food menu is simple: cheeses, meats, antipasti, salads and sandwiches. That’s it. And if you are on the run, you can grab one of their pre-made sandwiches to go. And these aren’t your average airport-to-go sandwiches. These are made with high quality, fresh ingredients. Grab one for your flight and your seatmate will be soooo jealous.

I’ve forced Rob to try Surdyk’s Flights when we travel together. After the first time, I haven’t needed to twist his arm again.

When we flew to Las Vegas this past winter, we sat at the bar for lunch. After perusing the beverage menus, we decided on wine flights. I went with the Tiny Bubbles because bubbly is something that’s not often served by the glass. And getting Rob to share a bottle with me is rare.

Tiny Bubbles

Flight of Tiny Bubbles: Vinho Verde, Prosecco, Moscato d’Asti

Rob went with a flight of reds:

red flight

The Robust Reds: Desert Wind “Ruah”, Klinker Brick Farrah Syrah, Kenwood Jack London Zinfandel

I love the tomatoes behind the glass in that photo! Among that flight of wines, Rob actually ended up finding a new favorite that day…

Klinker Brick

Klinker Brick Farrah Syrah from Lodi, California

If you aren’t in the mood for wine, they do offer beer by the bottle and some fun cocktails…


I like the idea of the MSP Overshot! Remember when that happened? I love that they made a drink named after it.

That day, we ordered a cheese and meat platter:

meat and cheeses

Selection of Three Cheeses & Three Salumi – $16
with olives, cornichon, fruits, nuts and marinated vegetables

It may not look like much, but it was the perfect amount of food for two. Really.

On our next trip to Surdky’s Flights, Rob really wanted to get the wine he adored on the previous visit, since he hadn’t seen it since:


Here’s the cool thing… Since Surdyk’s Flights is also a wine shop {you’ve already gone through security, so you can purchase wine to take aboard your flight}, when you order a bottle of wine, you pay for the shop price of the bottle – not the double or triple retail price you see at most restaurants! SF-Klinker BrickTherefore, the cost of this bottle was only $17.99! That’s virtually unheard of in a restaurant. However, if you want to order a glass of this wine at Surdyk’s, you’ll pay $11. No kidding.

passport book and cigs. drress

I love that your check comes in a little passport book with some candy cigarettes…

On this occasion, we decided to on just the cheese:


Selection of Three/Five Cheeses – $12/$16
with quince paste, fruits and nuts

And although they aren’t pictured, I’d highly recommend the sandwiches… especially if you don’t get to the airport early enough to sit down and have a pre-vacay beverage.

I adore Surdyk’s Flights. And there’s got to be a reason why it’s rated one of the best airport wine bars, even though it doesn’t really have a bar feel.

How early do you get to the airport?