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Surdyk’s Flights – Closing?


When I first learned that Surdyk’s Flights at MSP Airport was closing, I was in utter dismay.


Now, I probably only fly twice a year, but I nearly always stop at Surdyk’s Flights pre-trip. We always arrive early to the airport, regardless of our destination, because after going through security, we like to get settled in a restaurant and have a bite to eat. It’s like a kick-off to our vacation. And when leaving MSP, that almost always means a stop at Surdyk’s Flights.

The menu is simple, but fresh: small plates, meats, cheeses, sandwiches. There’s beer, wine, cocktails, too. Surdyk’s is a well-known name in Minneapolis because Surdyk’s Wine and Cheese Shop has been open since 1934.

Having a restaurant in the airport is genius because there are also flights of wine.

And of course, there is a wine shop attached. You can purchase a bottle and drink it at your table! {No restaurant mark up!}

In fact, we did just that before our trip to Australia:


{Side note: We adored this wine!}


So to kick off our trip to Arizona last month, regardless of how early, I knew that we’d have to stop at Surdyk’s Flights before it closes at the end of 2016. 😦

Because it was not yet quite noon, I started with a Bloody Mary.


Rob jumped right in for a flight! 


{His wrist was still bandaged from the accident}

My favorite salami sandwich didn’t appear to be on the menu anymore; but so much looked good. I opted for breakfast:

POACHED EGGS 12. with la quercia prosciutto, and sautéed spinach on grilled bread with roasted tomato salsa

POACHED EGGS – with la quercia prosciutto, and sautéed spinach on grilled bread with roasted tomato salsa – $12

This breakfast was actually very healthy and hit the spot! If anything, I could argue that there might have been too much prosciutto. I couldn’t eat it all.  All of that goodness was piled atop four lovely pieces of crusty bread.

Rob went with a sammie:


I honestly don’t remember which one this is, but the photo doesn’t do it justice. Surdyk’s sandwiches are The Best. He opted for a side of beets because he loves them. They aren’t something I ever make at home!

We did hear customers asking about the closure, expressing their sadness. Servers kindly replied, “Well, maybe they’ll work something out…” The MAC (Metropolitan Airport Commission) is not renewing Surdyk’s Flights’ lease at this time. They have other plans for the space.

The good news is that there is another location in Terminal 2! Unfortunately, I haven’t flown out of that terminal in over 15 years. Yet, I will be next month! Time to take Surdyk’s Flights – Terminal 2 for a spin!

If you dine pre-flight at your home airport, what is your go-to?