Costco – A Restaurant Impression


I should have posted this one on April Fool’s Day.

But Rob and I only went to Costco for lunch for the first time this past weekend. So yeah, it’s no joke! I’m going to write about 2

Every time we go to Costco and drop more money than we expect, we talk about “someday” eating at the little food court.

This weekend, we did.

photo 1

 We chose:

We even split the soda {aka pop here in Minnesota} that was part of Rob’s Polish Combo. The Pepperoni Pizza was a little greasy; buy, hey, it’s pizza. I dug it.

Healthy? Not at all.

Tasty? You betcha. {That’s Minnesota-speak there, too.}

Cheap? Cheapest lunch date I’ve ever been on.

photo 5

Have you ever “dined” at Costco?





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  1. Yep, us midwesterners will always call it POP! We have a Sam’s Club but we’ve never eaten there – we do get the .99 cents 24 ounce pop though – 3/4 diet coke with 1/4 lemonade. So good!

  2. Carrie…I didn’t realize Cosco had an eating place. The few times we visited with you, I guess I never saw it. Too busy shopping—- maybe we can try in sometime.

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