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Playing Again!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

About a year ago, Sophie had a wart removed. I know that as Shih Tzus tend to get more and more of these as they age. The reason why we had this one removed is that it was on her back and it would get scratched and bleed when she and Shamrock were playing.

But then she stopped playing with him altogether.

Even after it healed!

I was so devastated. I didn’t understand what had happened. But slowly, she started to play again in the last few months. But only on her terms. Each play session was very short-lived and if Sham did one thing that she thought was too rough, she called the whole thing off.

But at this year’s dental cleaning appointment, the vet discovered that my little Sophie Jean had a fractured tooth below the root. OUCH!!! She also had to have some little front incisors removed that have shown complete bone loss. She is 11. It was expensive, but we had them extracted. She already was going under for her covered yearly dental cleaning.

And now she is back playing again – full throttle! They play for lengths of time again. Still, Sham is very careful not to play to hard in fear that she’ll want to stop. She’s even initiating play again. It makes me wonder how long that tooth has been hurting her. I’ve yet to get that perfect video, but here’s a fun excerpt.

Happy Saturday!




Has it really been four weeks since my last post? Really?

Well let’s just say that the first week we went on vacation.

Over the course of that week combined with the following week, I experienced more emotions than I knew could be crammed in such a short time period: excitement, frustration, humbled, upset, grief, regret, love, shame, comfort, anxiety, confused, alone, grateful, tense…

I wrote this post in my head many times during those two weeks. But now that another two weeks have gone by, I’ve lost track of all of the other emotions.

While in Quebec, I learned that Hospice was called for my grandma. I had no idea what to do. The next day, I learned that she had passed. It was a sad time. But I was ever so grateful that I was able to make back to her funeral just a day after our return.

There was much love surrounding me with my dad’s side of the family. Despite her death, we were all brought together to celebrate her life and her legacy.

But this also meant a four-hour drive back to Green Bay. This was the first time I’d driven this far/long on the highway since the accident. I was also by myself. I was a nervous wreck. I hope time will help this feeling fade or I’ll need to seek professional help!

I’ve also been meaning to change the “about” page of this blog for quite some time. You see, my blog is my memory – a little scrapbook of sorts. It’s very much about my travels and my experiences. It also helps us to remember where we’ve dined and what we’ve liked. Living life with flavor! But I’ve found it’s best to post before memories fade…

So I hope soon, very soon, I’ll be able to post on our trip to Canada as well as other dining experiences. But there has been a bit of change in circumstances with my work, too. So I’m also trying to get through the next month…

à la prochaine fois,