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Twisted Fork Grille – St. Paul


I really wanted to like this place...

We almost missed the place driving up because it at first appears that it’s the Green Mill. There is an awning next to the Green Mill sign that indicates that it is indeed the Twisted Fork Grille, but it’s quite confusing. Even more puzzling is that our credit card statement read “Green Mill” when the charge for our dinner at Twisted Fork posted. There is nothing on Twisted Fork’s website indicating that it is owned by Green Mill. Huh.

Upon arrival, we took seats at the bar, as we often like to do. We were told that a server would be right with us. While we waited, we perused what was on tap. What? A Blackberry Pear Cider? I’ve never heard of such of thing!

It had our names on it.

(Well, not literally.)

But… unfortunately, they were out. 😦 So, Rob ordered a pint of the Fulton IPA (an excellent local standby). I settled on some bubbly, since they offered Prosecco by the glass!

The bar set-up was really strange. There was no bartender. {At least there wasn’t one that night.} So all the servers had to get their own drinks; and they seemed to be bumping into each other all the time. In addition, they must have a strict rule about not ringing up another server’s customer, because when one couple sat down at the bar, one of the other servers said, “I’ll get your server.” She didn’t offer to get them a drink while they were waiting. Now that I think about it, the same thing happened to us. We were told someone would be right with us and weren’t even offered a drink, a menu or even a water. I sat at the end of the bar, not realizing that this was near the water pitcher station. The ptichers were slammed down often as servers would pass by in a hurry and it actually made me jump a couple of times!

I will say that once our server did come around, she was very pleasant, attentive and helpful. When Rob got his beer, the pint glass was HOT, as if it had just been washed. Not a very enjoyable way to drink a beer. {Although beers served in chilled glasses is incorrect as well and a huge pet peeve! I want to actually taste my beer, thank you very much. Did I mention that I’m a beer snob?} He did order another beer later, this time by the bottle:

Old Rasputin Imperial Stout

When I checked out the menu online, there were soooo many things I couldn’t wait to try!. However, once I got there, I wasn’t really that hungry. Or maybe it was just that nothing was calling my name. Or maybe it was the fact that I just did a run. Eventually, I debated between the chicken and mushroom risotto, the beef brochettes and the ancho chicken salad. Our server instead recommended getting the Veggie Risotto and adding chicken. It was one of her favorites and she ate it this way all the time. I love these kind of recommendations. DONE.

Rob wanted the Steak and Eggs with Hashbrowns because on the menu it is listed under BREAKFAST ITEMS SERVED ALL DAY. However, we learned after 3pm, they no longer serve hashbrowns. And since Rob is not a fan of the other option – baby reds {I know! He’s crazy!} – he had to pick something else. And it was quite a limited menu for Rob. He eventually chose the Rosemary-Garlic Steak. It was a flat-iron steak, which isn’t Rob’s favorite cut, so he was a little apprehensive.

AND? What did we think?

Veggie Risotto with chicken added

The risotto was very good, but not great. The roasted red pepper sauce underneath, however, was divine! For me, it made the dish. The veggies were not in the risotto as I had assumed, but on the side. However, they were seasoned well and cooked perfectly – not too mushy. The chicken was good, but a little dry and crispy on the edges. {Who am I kidding? Since I’ve met Rob, I’ve lost the art of cooking a chicken breast.}

Garlic-Rosemary Flat-Iron Steak

The steak was cooked perfectly to medium rare as Rob requested. But he was pleasantly surprised that it was was pretty darn tasty and lean! And yes, those are baby reds on his plate. {I had to steal one or two.} And I was in utter shock when he told me how much he loved the sautéed greens. I can’t get him on board to eat these things at home! 😉

We concluded that they really do know how to do their vegetables here!

We did order dessert to split, too:

Ancho Diablo Chocolate Cake

Rob liked it more than I did. To me, there was something faux about it. Though I did like the ganache and the cinnamon whipped cream.

There is one more plus about this place: They vacuum seal their wines. There is nothing worse than ordering wine by the glass for $10 and getting a wine that’s been open for days. I usually won’t order wine by the glass at a restaurant if this is not practiced. {More on this in an upcoming post, which will include a giveaway!}

So, would we go back? Probably not. The food was pretty good and our server was attentive and helpful. However, it was such a weird set-up that I think it would have Robert Irvine shaking his head. There are just too many other restaurants to try and too little time!

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by something you ordered?