Falling in Love with Fall


It’s been a beautiful fall. I love the view from our backyard.


The past couple of years we’ve had a short to non-existent fall season here. It would go from summer to winter in about a week with no chance for the leaves to change color properly. It made the winters even more long and unbearable. But this year has been an exceptional year for color changing!

Shamrock told us that he and Sophie wanted to go for a walk and enjoy the foliage, too.


We obliged. It is Sophie & Shamrock Saturday, after all!


And today was the perfect, cool, football-weather morning to take the dogs for a walk.


Only these photos don’t even do the true colors justice.


Soon, all of these leave will have fallen…


…And it will become colder than in the movie Frozen. I’m feeling grateful for every moment of fall because I’m not like Elsa. The cold really does bother me. But I still refuse to wear a winter coat until November.

Happy Fall!




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