Best BarkBox Ever!


Sophie & Shamrock Saturday

Okay, I really loved this month’s BarkBox theme! It’s April – the month when it starts to really feel like spring here in Minnesota. (Well, some days!). Also, baseball season begins! I don’t even like baseball. But I’ve learned to enjoy bits of it because my husband does.

And this month’s barkbox is naturally baseball-themed!


Okay, so I love the “Score” at the bottom. How stinkin’ cute!


I think this month was such a fun collection of items to go along with the theme…


Did you notice that this month’s chew is in the shape of a pretzel?!! Stadium eats!


Sophie and her dirty beard got it out of my hand the second I unwrapped it.


And seriously, the name of these treats… Love!


The mitt toy is cool, but I know Sham will take more to the Fire Ball because of all of the pieces he can nibble.


We love our pooches so much… and love that they can get fun finds like this every month. What will we do when our subscription ends? Probably re-subscribe. Sham’s favorite toys are ones I never would have even though about picking up for him in a store. You can get a free BarkBox added to your subscription this month when you sign up your pup. Just click here.

Happy Saturday!



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