Château Frontenac


The Château Frontenac is probably the most recognized building in all of Quebec. It’s certainly recognized as the most photographed hotel in the world!


I think this is because of it’s monstrosity and how it sits elevated above the St. Lawrence River. But you can capture photos of it from so many different vantage points!


I’m sure the views are breathtaking from the highest stories, too. Even if you are not staying in this hotel, it’s worth a look inside. It’s quite grand! And while we’re at it, we were told to stop for a cocktail in the bar or lunch in the cafe.


I was not aware that this was a wine and cheese bar! If I had known that I would have made cheese my dinner. 😉 {Instead, this was a night-cap.} The bar itself is a beautiful site. We tried to get a seat near the window facing the St. Lawrence, but all were taken.  To the bar it was!

There were a few different drink menus, but I liked this one which included the recipes:


That ^^ is exactly the drink I ordered. Beautiful!


As expected, the drinks were a bit spendy. But this was a special treat for us. Rob ordered a Stinger, which has 989+ different versions. But together with the ambiance, our cocktails and experience at the Château Frontenac were magical.


What do you like to splurge on when you travel?

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