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Happy Thirsty Thursday!


I’m going to try my hand at mentioning a Twin Cities Brewery on Thursdays each week through the summer. We have so many to recap! I’ve created a new link above to MN Breweries. See it?  This is where I will be listing some of our visits to breweries throughout the metro and maybe beyond… That is, if we get there!

You might know by now that our favorite brewery in the Twin Cities happens to be Dangerous Man. They don’t make a bad beer. Seriously. Even styles we don’t tend to enjoy have wowed us. But you can only get the beer in their taproom. They don’t distribute.

However, I think one of our favorite taprooms is Indeed Brewing Company, which is also located in Northeast Minneapolis. “Nordeast” is a great part of Minneapolis to go on a brewery crawl because there are at least a half dozen taprooms within a five mile radius of each other. Indeed’s taproom has such a warm feel and some of the friendliest bartenders.


I am a fan of many Indeed beers that you can find distributed in liquor stores and on tap throughout the cities, namely: Midnight Ryder Black Ale and the seasonal Stir Crazy Winter and LSD Honey ales.

But it’s in the taproom that you’ll get to try all of their specialty beers, which are constantly changing!


The chalkboard above is a well-organized one, that of a typical Indeed evening. Anything above the line can be served in the corresponding sizes listed and are also the only beers on the menu with which you can fill a growler. The specialty pours are below the line. They include beers on cask, beers on nitro and that are infused with other flavors. We find that they like to infuse many beers with chiles {which we think they tend to overdo}, fruits or floral hints, such as hibiscus. You will only find these in the tap room!

Notice the Rum King on the right side of the board? That is my new favorite – an imperial stout aged in rum barrels!!! Alas, it is only served in winter and it goes very quickly…


Rum King – Imperial Stout aged in rum barrels

What’s annoying though, is that Indeed doesn’t post what’s now on tap on their website. I’m sure that that is because it’s constantly changing. However, they do, from time to time, post their tap selections on social media. You can always check there; but it’s not all-inclusive nor a guarantee that it’s up-to-date. Yes, I find this annoying if I want to make a trip to a brewery worth my while. However, truth be told… I’ve never been to the Indeed taproom and not found an exceptional beer on tap that suits my palate. So what am I complaining about?

I don’t normally enjoy lagers, except for an occasional Corona in the summer. When Indeed released their Mexican Honey Lager, I was skeptical. But I picked it up in the store assuming a Corona-style beer, wanting to give it a opportunity. I did not like it.

Little did I know that itwould be the base of something very special when I arrived at the tap room – the Mexican Cousin: Mexican Honey Lager aged in tequila barrels! Yes!


Chile Pepper-infused Midnight Ryder (nitro) & Mexican Cousin – Mexican Honey Lager aged in tequila barrels

Another unique beer we loved recently was called BeCheery -a Belgian Dark Strong Ale made with Door County tart cherries. Only we didn’t exactly have that beer… At the tap room we had something more: Barrel-Aged BeCherry – aged in port wine barrels!

Are you detecting a theme here?

Indeed has a good sized taproom and a patio for the summer. And like many other breweries, you’ll find a food truck parked out front. On a cold day, we sat at the bar and our food truck peeps brought our grub right into us. That’s what I call service.


Another thing I love about Indeed? They refill any growler. I read somewhere that breweries in the Twin Cities are supposed to fill any clean, empty growler. However, many breweries prefer that their beer only come out of growlers with their names on them or cite health reasons.

Indeed is not one of them. Do you know why this is so wonderful? We had personalized growler like this  made for my dad for Christmas:



I stopped at Indeed and filled it with the Stir Crazy Winter Ale the day before we left for Green Bay. It was happiness in a jug!

Finally, Indeed gives back every Wednesday. We don’t normally get to a brewery in Minneapolis during the week, but we were in the area on this particular evening. We were glad we stopped because that was the night we had the glorious Rum King for the first time. There was a comedian to boot!


Indeed, like Dangerous Man, is a brewery to which we keep returning. It must be the specialty brews you can’t get anywhere else!

What is your favorite unique brew or specialty style of beer?



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  1. Dangerous Man – a fine establishment I can weigh in on! You are correct, beers I wouldn’t normally enjoy are enjoyable. I do not care for Belgium Ales in general, but the Table Belgium is very drinkable. Their Coconut Imperial Stout and their Peanut Butter Porter are amazing! We always show up when they open to purchase a growler. In the dead of winter this past February, there was line 20 people deep 10 minutes before they opened! Thank God the Gastotruck out front was already serving warm, fresh baked chocolate chip pub cookies made with spent grains from Dangerous Man!

  2. How cool is it that you had a growler made for your dad! 🙂 I’m going to look forward to living vicariously through your pub/brewery posts as I just don’t really get out to many of these places anymore! Although you may inspire me with the Dangerous Man! My son in law has a few growlers (from Atlanta) and I’m a little jealous. In Atlanta I went with my nephews on what ended up being a “crawl” and had a great time at all the brewerys – just when I was tired and feeling really old, some guy tried to “pick me up!” haha! 🙂 I didn’t even realize there were so many places here in the TC that made their own beer!

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