Couch to 5k – Week 7 {And Food & Fitness Link-up}


Whew! Was it a hot one last week! I can’t believe that I’m done with the intervals and am now “running” non-stop. That’s in quotes because I’m still very slow. Most people could walk faster than I run. Heck, I could probably walk faster than I run. 😉 I can’t believe that in just two weeks, I’ll be attempting to run my first 5k post-surgery. And it’s actually a Charity Run/Walk for the Carver Scott County Humane Society where we found Shamrock. I’d love it if you’d join me, bring your pooch(es) or consider donating. I’m sure I have a few friends out there who could spare $10 for such a good cause. Click here for our story and donation page.

And speaking of Animal Rescues, I saw this ad in a magazine this weekend and it got me laughing:Rescue


Couch to 5k – Week 7

Day 1 – Tuesday

  • 5 min warm-up
  • Run 20 minutes
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • Run 5 min
  • 5 min cool down

I had a busy week, so finding the days to run that weren’t consecutive was a little difficult. I ended up running late (for me) on Tuesday night. I normally have to run right after work so that I don’t end up sitting down and staying there. But after dinner and a friend and her daughter left, I put on my shoes and off I went. I did wonder how early it was starting to get dark, so I used the flashing button I got at one of my races last year, just in case. And I’m glad I did because it did start to get dark quickly. And surprisingly, it was still hot and humid that late.

But it felt so good that I did it and didn’t skip it!neverregret

Day 2 – Thursday

  • 5 min warm-up
  • Run 26 min
  • 5 min cool down

If you look at this one, they added six minutes to the longest run of the program so far. That is challenging, mentally! On this run, I was really wishing to hear that “YOU ARE HALFWAY THERE!” prompt much sooner than it came. Once it did, I started counting to pass the time. When I thought I should have about 5 minutes of running left, the time/distance prompt told me that my total duration (including warm-up) was 28 minutes. This meant that I only had 3 minutes of running left! Although I was hot and highly dehydrated (I didn’t drink enough water during the day), the knowledge of only three remaining minutes changed my attitude and energy completely. In my mind, it’s almost like I shaved off two minutes! I’m telling you, running is 80% mental.

Day 3 – Saturday 

  • 5 min warm-up
  • Run 27 min
  • 5 min cool down

We were up at a friend’s cabin for Labor Day weekend. I’ve walked down the winding roads through these woods before. However, I know there are bears in the area. There are also lots of mosquitoes. {They LOVE ME!} People tend to drive a little too fast on those winding roads with all of those blind spots around the curves. I wasn’t sure if i wanted to do it. If I did, I wouldn’t be listening to any music because I’d want to hear the occasional vehicle coming up behind me. Besides, I love running when I can just hear the sounds of nature. I also knew my reward would be jumping into the lake!

So I did it. And our friend Lisa walked/ran beside me with Ronnie, their Golden Retriever, part of the way. We went pretty early in the morning, so we only passed a few cars. The weather was much more beautiful than the heat we had earlier in the week in the Twin Cities. It was peaceful. However, I was much slower than usual (at least according to my GPS/App). I’m thinking that my pace might be a little faster to music.

Afterward, I jumped into this beautiful body of water:


Lac Courte Oreilles near Hayward, Wisconsin

And so did Sham. Here’s a fun picture of our little sea dog resting on the dock after his dip in the lake:


You can read about my first weeks in this Couch to 5k experience here:


This week marks the eighth and official last week of this Couch to 5k program. However, It does offer two more weeks for those who want it, but they are just 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute running prompts as well as a distance prompt.

So I’ll finish by doing Week 8 this week. Then I’ll follow 30-minute prompts the following week. And do you know what my sub-45-minute run will be? It’ll be the Walk/Run Fur Love for Shamrock and the Carver Scott County Humane Society on Saturday, September 14th. At least, I’m hoping for it to be a sub-45. Here are my times from my previous 5ks from last year:

  1. 38:54
  2. 38:20
  3. 38:40
  4. 36:08
  5. 38:27
  6. 37:44
  7. 35:35
  8. 38:13
  9. 37:35

If I don’t come in under 45, or even 40 minutes, then I know I still have some work to do to get back to where I was before surgery. Even though this race is just a bit over a 5k – 3.21 miles.


And now, for something new…

planningWhen Racheal at Running with Racheal mentioned that she and Deneene at Southern Living Yankee were doing a Link-up to plan and hold themselves accountable for planning their food and fitness for the week, I thought, “I’m in!” When I read Racheal’s blog, I’m always inspired with dinner ideas. So here’s what’s on tap at our house this coming week:


Monday – Just got back in town. I think we will be dining out at The Roasted Pear, a local, easy joint. I adore their Roasted Pear Spinach salad! I still need to do a Restaurant Impression on this place!

Tuesday – I’m going to try out a variation on this Creamy Chicken and Herb Skillet by using pork along with a side of garlic green beans.

Wednesday – Black Bean Burger with a Side Salad.

Thursday – San Marzano Tomato Pasta

Friday – Poker night. We’ll be out.

Saturday – Off to a wedding!

Sunday – This one is TBD. I really need to get more veggies in the house! I’m writing this before I’ve done my weekly grocery shopping. We’ll probably do either lunch or dinner out and may have leftover San Marzano pasta for the other meal. That’s my plan if I don’t come up with another option.

Breakfasts – Peanut Butter Toast or Granola with Greek Yogurt

Lunches – Snack Lunches or Leftovers


Monday Day 1 of C25k, Week 8 – 28 minute run

Tuesday – Walk dogs around the block, pilates/yoga

Wednesday – Day 2 of C25k, Week 8 – 29 minute run

Thursday Walk dogs around the block, pilates/yoga

Friday – REST

Saturday – Day 2 of C25k, Week 8 – 30 minute run

Sunday – Try out the elliptical (I have not done this since back surgery, but should be fine because it’s lower impact than running!)


This week, I rewarded myself with a dip in the lake after a run.

How do you reward yourself after a workout?



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